Re-kindled A Heart

DISCLAIMER – This is not my writing, I’m reblogging this poem my homie wrote @mycreativepatience which I had to read twice because of how profound it was. Check out his page to read the full piece. Enjoy




This energy surging through my soul this rush through my veins,

Though there’s a gap in time paused emotions evolve in flames,

Rekindled memories is water that’s nourishment for the pain,

Something genuine can’t be colored, this canvas can’t remain plain,

Paints too much passion and expressive emotions, as her mind once chained with reigns,

Soothe that fiery passion and protect her from the rain,

Rain meaning tears; so as you wrap both arms around her it helps keeps you sane,

If you knew from a view her elegance has it own name,

A Independent mind with a fascinating bind, indifferent with no need for fame,

This bind vines around you and molds you for a better change,

“You’re A queen without a crown” I told her, “your un limitless has no bounds, know your worth to be found so that unapproached king can be proud,

She looks through with…

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