Burning Pages

Verse 1

It’s always a better feeling to be welcomed than to be forgotten,

Better yet it’s more desirable to be in each others presence than shunned

Let’s disregard photos for memories as they only capture certain moments

instead documenting our stories on pages that’ll allow

us to reminisce the times of solidifying a brotherhood

Verse  2

We didn’t build this friendship just for a hostile moment to allow burning pages to flame out our history

Can we find a resolution other than replacing burnt pages that carry our stories?

I tried my best to placate the situation

In which I succeeded

We walk down a path of turbulent times

with the people we care about in our lives,

but with patience these times will guide us

through pain first and pleasure after the journeys complete

As I now stare at these brand new naked blue lines

writing for us to start over

So we can create new chapters and do better next time






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