Joker movie review

  • It was okay…

This is my first time doing a movie review so I’m going to get right to it. If you haven’t seen the newly released film Joker don’t worry I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but still go out and see it while you can still can. Anyways, like I said in my intro statement, it was okay and the reason I say this is because there were some things I found particularly off putting, but there were some exceptional things I’ll commend. First, starting off with the good. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was great and will probably earn him some award nominations. I’d say this Joker compared to Heath Ledgers Joker are not comparable for the simple fact that Phoenix’s joker isn’t very competent to be an adversary to Batman in terms of intellect if he were to play the role again in a Batman film. In regards to that, his feeble adolescent mindset would be hindrance that I don’t want to ridicule since his character was abused a child, but he does carry a whole lot of emotional baggage. Secondly, the cinematography gave me a neo- noir feel which I enjoyed and I felt it was unique in the regard that it didn’t resemble any other of the DC comic book character films I’ve seen in the last few years. Now onto the other side, the things I didn’t like. The pacing of film from the start up until a little past halfway through the film felt sluggish and it wasn’t until the Joker had so many compounding forces and demoralizing circumstances done to him that it eventually lead to a more faster plot line which rushed into an ending full of mayhem. The writing for the film wasn’t strong and the plot is evidence of that. However, I perceived it as having proficient character development (i.e. Robert De Niro’s Murray Franklin to a name one) that made up for the average plot. And that’s why I’d say this is an adequate character movie but not a great Joker film. The film name Joker felt as if were slapped on with some Batman characters and a few subplots that occurred in Batman’s origin. I guess that’s all it took for it to sound plausible for the director and so forth to give the film its naming. Returning to my point of comparing Phoneix’s and Ledger’s Jokers. I didn’t find any characteristics traits I could take away from this Joker compared to Ledger’s because the latter had a profound impact in cinema history with not only his memorable lines but his charisma and clever savagery that made you cringe but somewhat smile that many Batman fans can agree upon. As of now, that’s all I have to say because you’ll have to watch it to come to your own conclusions, and if you have watched it leave a like, comment about what you thought of the film and follow so you can stay up to date on my next and following posts. Until next time, peace and keep it real.

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