Keep them close

  • Young minds place their trust into an influencer who is usually someone that is the closest to them, and sometimes those influencers can let them down in ways they cannot comprehend yet.

So, I came across a news story on Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry and how her ex partner insists on perceiving their daughter as white since he is a white man. I want to dissect this story first from the perspective on how their young daughter can perceive herself when she grows older and how due to being in a household where she didn’t think about questioning her racial identity can doubt her confidence when trying to include herself in a group when she enters adulthood. With that said, Berry’s race has been refuted by her ex Gabriel Aubry who believes she isn’t Black due to her being biracial, which I don’t believe in because to me she is Black and the rest of America perceives as such. This includes all these other biracial people. He dismisses any belief to the one-drop theory which I have my opinions on, but that’s here nor there. To be honest, her biracial ass would be discriminated against just like any other black folk if she grew up back in the Jim Crow deep south. If she grew up during segregation her half whiteness wouldn’t have saved her from any torment. I digress, I want to get back to how here daughter could be influenced by living in a household with parents of different races. First, Berry from my understanding hasn’t taken the initiative even though she is black to instill black pride or confidence in her daughter to combat any detracting influences her daughter’s father bestowed on her adolescent mind. I haven’t heard or seen Berry speak up against white supremacy, police brutality, the system, and all injustices which I can go on for. So I can only imagine her daughter would resemble her mother’s mindset when she enters adulthood. These types of proactive approaches Halle Berry can do will demonstrate to her daughter how a strong black woman stands for a cause to uplift her people even in the face of daily injustice. But no she lays around with these white colonizers and has children with them because I’m assuming since she was raised by a white woman and not her black father she gravitates towards these white men. It all starts when we’re young. Our minds are susceptible to things the closet people we grow up with who teach us and show us the ways of life, and that’s usual our parents. If you were to look at it from this perspective, since Berry hasn’t instilled enough black pride in herself or her daughter then Aubrey her ex can be sort of like in this example a slave master who has children with one of his slaves, and then has a house negro which he can chose to perceive and influence that child into becoming what he envisions. This sort of manipulation can be eradicated by staying away from the source problem which is to not be in relationships with these white colonizers and if black women and men were to be in a relationship with them, then they’re significant other better advocate and support their efforts to raise children with black pride, love, values, and confidence. Berry claims that she was called racial slurs and other hurtful remarks by her ex, but she probably should have expected beforehand that something like that could arise when you’re in bed these white folks. There’s no need to be shocked by the attitudes and ideologies these white folks have towards black folks even if these black folks marry into their families. They will always keep a side eye when your back is turned and smile in your face when you’re front of them. There will be a time when they show their true colors and by then you’re seen as overreacting when it happens. So, how do I see her child growing up? Well since her parents have played roles in neglecting to give her an understanding of who she is and who she can represent as an individual in this country then I find it difficult for her to find it out for herself when she becomes an adult. Some biracial and even black people claim their blackness but haven’t really contributed in a positive way to the black community and sometimes they even disregard their association, which is unfortunate, but that makes it easier to recognize the ones who have the energy to be proactive for change to a disenfranchised group of people. With that said, it seems like Halle Berry has chosen her side and feels comfortable there, but her daughter will feel the discomfort with being misinformed and uneducated about the struggles she might endure in this nation as a person of color. Therefore accepting and embracing black pride will be a challenge due to her ignorance. That’s all I have to say about this. You might view this like I’m bashing interracial relationships, when to be honest, I could give a shit about that because it’s not my business whoever someone chooses to be with, it’s just something I wouldn’t promote or advocate for because situations such as this occur when black men or women feel alienated, disrespected, and depicted as hostile when they express their frustrations. In conclusion, the foundation is in the young minds that can become leaders for our many tomorrows. Some are fortunate enough to have fearless parents who’ll stop at nothing to educate their children on who they are and have the opportunities to become, but some lay to the side and allow another parent to dictate how things will and shall be which has to stop. Blacks parents, keep close to your children that will follow your example so their descendants will follow for future generations.Leave a comment if you feel the need to and follow so you can stay up to date on my future post. As always peace and keep it real.

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Clocked in enslavement

  • Racism will never die, and apparently some individuals still want slavery to exist.
  • Readers discretion is advised – Strong language is used in my commentary

So, this news story begins in South Carolina and what I’m going to present to you will make you irate. Even though the perpetrator in this crime was punished, the damage to the psyche of the victim will live on forever. A white South Carolina restaurant manager by the name of Bobby Paul Edwards got sentenced to the enslavement and torture of a black employee who happened to have intellectual disabilities. The abuse began in 2009 at J & J cafeteria in Conway South Carolina. John Christopher Jones the victim in this story was forced by Edwards to work 100 hours without pay, was physically and verbally abused to the point where Jones was afraid to inform the police because Edwards threatened he would stomp on Jone’s neck and beat him so bad that he would be unrecognizable. With that said, Smith was denied lunch breaks, had to work extensive hours, belittled by racial slurs, and faced daily attacks by Edwards which resulted in Smith having to be carried home and taken care of from his tormentor on multiple occasions. In one instance Edwards beat Smith with a belt, threw pots and pans, and to top this sickening ordeal off he went medieval and dipped metal tongs into hot grease and burned Smith’s neck. Fast forward from when the abuse began to October 2014. A “concerned” resident and I put the word in quotes because I’m not too sure how concerned they were because the abuse was going on for years, and no one said anything. Anyways, he or she reported the abuse to the authorities. Subsequently, Smith was removed from the restaurant and he was relinquished from working at J & J. Furthermore, Smith was put under the care of the state’s adult protective services. In regards to that, Smith has a condition in which his intellectual abilities are significantly below average, but that didn’t stop him from expressing his nightmarish memories working there. Smith began working at J & J cafeteria at 12, cleaning tables and cooking after school. Enjoyment at the job was what Smith was accustomed to until he came across his walking nightmare that lasted half a decade. From then on he wondered when his clocked in enslavement would end.

What happened to this brother is sickening and wicked. There are probably similar stories throughout the country where white bitch ass colonizers abuse their employees daily and it goes unnoticed due to the fear of retaliation, but these victims need to find the courage to stand up for their freedom. In this case, Smith coworkers who I think were a part of Edwards family knew about it and probably perpetuated it even further. I likened them to the slave overseers who would inform the master about the slaves’ mishaps and remind them brutal punishment was awaiting them. They should of been charged for being included maybe not physically but turning a blind eye when Smith had been beaten, verbally abused, and forced to live in a dilapidated apartment behind the restaurant which was infested with cockroaches and this was owned by Bobby Edwards. Having said that, Smith was an easy target for this prick colonizer Edwards to torment because of his mental disabilities, but best believe me if he did that to someone else and I’ll allow myself a fellow black man to takes Smith role, I would have taken matters into my own hands immediately once this bitch ass colonizer had the idea to try his luck with me. I don’t give a fuck if he had connections to the Klan or knew some Rednecks that could find and beat my ass because I would go out swinging to free myself from the type of torture Smith had to endure. Now Edwards pleaded guilty to forced labor charges and was sentenced this past Wednesday to the magic number of 10 years that seems to be thrown around like in the case with hoe ass colonizer Amber Guyger who murdered a man. I believed he should have received life for all the pain he caused Smith and more for not abiding by the 13 amendment which clearly states that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude is permitted and will be severely punished. So for him to disobey the constitution, that should also add up to a life sentence for this asshole. That’s all I have to say about this story because it’s infuriating, but it needs to be told because like I said situations like this or something similar occurs throughout the country and goes unnoticed until the damage has already been done and a damaged psyche can be irreversible. Lastly, I’m going to leave a link to the article so you can see the smug grin this idiot has on his face during his mugshot. Leave a comment if you feel the need to, and follow so you can stay up to date with my future posts. As always, peace and keep it real.

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Terminator Dark Fate Review

  • This film was such a disappointment.

I didn’t enter watching Terminator Dark fate with high expectations, or any expectations whatsoever, because I became aware of the movie coming out less than a week before its release on November 1st. Now after seeing it I found the film to be a lackluster effort which didn’t have a strong beginning or ending, even though it did have some bright spots that I will point out later in the post. On the subject of the beginning, it caught me off guard when I realized that the first twenty minutes of the film was in Spanish. Spanish! Come on now, it became kind of annoying reverting my attention from the subtitles and looking up at the performers on screen. This is just one of many nuisances in the film. To start it off the “protector” to the main character in this film goes up against a Terminator that is a recycled attempt from the T 1000 from T2 Judgement. I’ll go into more detail about the villain Terminator, but I want to vent about a problem with the character Grace (Mackenzie Davis) who was the “protector”. She’s a solider from the resistance brought back in time to protect Daniella “Dani” Ramos (Natalia Reyes) a Mexican woman who would conceive the leader of the Resistance against the Terminators. If any of you are familiar with the first Terminator, Sarah Connor was the mother of John Connor who was destined to be the leader of the Resistance that would fight against Terminator domination and the Terminator T 800 was sent to kill her from allowing it to happen . Anyways getting back to Grace there were some head-shaking moments for me when she was trying to protect Dani. First, she has all the qualities of any cyborg terminator, strength, agility, speed, etc… but there were moments where I thought Sarah Connor should have taken the role to protect Dani or an assigned Terminator like in T2 Judgement Day! To be honest, Grace is useless! She gasses out too quickly and constantly falls into a weakened state in the middle of battle when Dani’s life is on the line. Oh yeah, and she needs drugs which constantly impedes her from being strong enough to destroy a terminator once in contact. So her hybrid ass was off putting throughout the film. With that said, her mindset when it came to going up against Terminators was laughable. She believes that once you encounter a Terminator you need to kill one on sight within a few minutes or you and everyone around you dies. WHAT?! That’s never happened in any of the other films, because Terminators are relentless and ruthless as hell and it takes the entire film to “destroy” one of the countless ones SkyNet engineered, and once it is “killed” another one will take its place with the same objectives. Now to the villain Terminator Rev – 9. The Rev – 9 isn’t a Terminator that will cause any intimidation or fear in the hearts of his prey and I don’t know if it was due to laziness on the writers end or maybe James Cameron by having another shape-shifting liquid Terminator. I didn’t find anything creative or exciting about this Terminator when he came on screen, and I kind of wanted the next scene to come along because the actor’s performance I would say was average. The T – 1000 from T2 Judgement had a menacing presence that made that film memorable, and every time he was on screen the suspense way always at an insane pinnacle, but this Rev – 9 lacked all the attributes that T – 1000 exhibited. Furthermore, Sarah Connor who is a integral part of the Terminator Universe was a guide and a secondary protector to Dani, but I found her to be annoying at times because she has to remind us how powerful she can be against Terminators with her expertise against defeating them. One of the positive things I can take away from the film is Arnold Schwarzenegger the T -800/850 from four of the six total films. The scenes he was in had a few funny moments where I did chuckle at, but his “normal” life with a wife and son through me off loop and left me wondering if he had the qualities of his former self, and he sure did answer my question about that during the climax. Lastly, I’m not going to talk about the ending, because like the rest of the movie it was a letdown. The climax of this film didn’t leave me with anything memorable, whether that being plot-wise or the characters in the film especially Dani. She felt like a damsel in distress throughout the film and the actress Natalia Reyes performance I felt was flat throughout the film. Do I recommend watching this film, not really, but go ahead if you’ve been a fan of the Terminator franchise and want to relive some mentioned story lines from previous installments for nostalgia purposes. Will I watch this a second time? Probably not. Anyways, leave a like and follow so you can stay up to date with my future posts. And if you’ve seen this film or have seen any of the other Terminator films in the series, leave a comment with your thoughts on the film, and if the series should end with this installment, or keep going. As always, peace and keep it real.

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The chicken craze

  • Why bring it back if you knew all this madness was going to happen again?

Who doesn’t like some delicious fried chicken that has the right spice, seasoning, and succulence? The consensus to that opening question would be probably a majority of you readers unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan. Anyways, I brought up that question to transition into what I’m going to being talking about in this blog post. It’s the re- release of Popeye’s famous, well now infamous in my opinion chicken sandwich. The craze and hype for this sandwich have gone out of hand and I’ll give a few examples to defend my statement. Having said that, many Popeye’s locations nationwide were swarmed by an onslaught of customers which resulted in employees becoming overwhelmed with stress because they’ve had difficulties combating the adversity they have faced thus far. For example, 38-year-old Wanda Lavender a store manager at one undisclosed Popeye’s claims to be fed up with hostile and overzealous customers. She also claims that her wages at $10 an hour aren’t enough to deal with this buffoonery because these customers will do anything to obtain that sandwich. In regards to that, violence in the form of fistfights is the first line of defense for these agitated customers when they can’t get what they want. On some occasions, it even turns fatal. For instance, I’ll take it a step further, a man in Maryland was stabbed to death over the sandwich due to line cutting and that type of anger over anything, in this case, a sandwich is tragic. Let’s move to another side of this anger, even though no one was hurt one customer threatened to shoot up the staff at the store because he couldn’t get his sandwich.

With all that said about the absurdity that followed the re-release of this hyped sandwich that I want to say I haven’t tried and as of now don’t care too. When it came out this past summer I decided on trying it but realized upon entering a Popeye’s that a line was forming outside the door. When I finally got to the counter to place my order a row of sandwiches were being prepared on the countertop and I made my decision to not buy it since I was getting a combo meal and it would have cost more with the sandwich. Anyways I went to counter and the cashier expected that I ordered the sandwich since everyone in the restaurant had been. I left her in complete confusion resulting in her charging me for the sandwich even though I didn’t order one. I tried to ease the tension by joking about the eagerness in all the eyes of the customers, and she canceled my ordered for the sandwich and gave me my combo meal. I point this out because the comeback of this sandwich is resulting in exhaustion and stress on the minds and bodies of the employees there, but you’ll always have dumb asses who take their anger out on the employees, not taking into account that these people are making a living to put food on the table for them and their kids. Besides, I believe there should be an organized and structured method when it comes to ordering these sandwiches in the future. For instance, I go to a movie theater I live next to and at this theater you need to order a ticket seat beforehand or someone will bump you out of the seat you’re in since it’s reserved for them. This assign seating was strange to me at first, but it made perfect sense in the grand scheme of things. So, if Popeye’s could have an online ordering for these sandwiches for there next release and require a ticket of purchase either on phone or printed then they can filter out the ones who have the proof to enjoy the sandwich and the ones who are there can order other things on the menu. With this strict kind of structure the violence can be hopefully eliminated because since this sandwich is a limited-time item, Popeye’s would need to implement a temporary ordering method. I want to revert to my point earlier in the post where I called the sandwich no longer famous but infamous because I believe it is. And the CEO of the company who is a white woman is probably looking from afar seeing all you idiots (black folk) fighting and dying over something that won’t last. If you were to look at this from a social science perspective, these fools are (Popeyes) test subjects and this sandwich is the item that can cause these test subjects to react in violence and they’ll take it all the way and lead each other into fatal results. That is just my opinion. That’s all I have to say, leave a like and comment if you feel the need to, and follow my page so you can be updated on my future posts. As always, peace and keep it real.

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I dare you to say it

  • They can’t be serious..

So, my home state of Massachusetts has thought of proposing a new bill that is completely absurd and I believe won’t see the light of day. This proposed bill says that calling someone a “Bitch” can lead to jail time, six months to be exact maybe more if you excessively use it and a hefty fine ($200), all courtesy of this new proposed legislation from a Democratic lawmaker. I know what you’re thinking, what?! Well, a bill titled H3719 an act regarding the use of offensive words and words such as “Bitch” states that language like this should be considered a disorderly conduct violation when it’s used to annoy, degrade, or demean another person. Here’s the thing, like I said before I think this won’t see the light of day because people are going to use the word regardless whenever in frustration, annoyance, anger, or possibly in a degrading way because circumstances caused them to us it (fight, argument, road rage situations, etc…). Everything we say has to be understood in context. For example, some women call their “girlfriends” “Bitch” to compliment one another or such which is whatever to them. However, when a man refers to them as such it’s considered offensive, so there’s a border between the two so to speak when it comes to determining the intent behind the message, and who is saying it. In my latter example, it would be demeaning, but I highly doubt that a woman would have a man arrested because he called her a “Bitch” and hurt her feelings (Maybe,*coughs* Feminazis). If that were to ever occur then that would sound like some Kindergarten shit (“Ooh I’m telling”). In this hypothetical scenario, if she were so offended maybe a smack to his face would suffice and give her closure. Furthermore, if this proposed bill is passed, it can and will infringe on the U.S. constitution which protects the first amendment of Freedom of speech. HA, if passed, I’m shaking my head writing this. I’m not the only who thinks this laughable bill has no chance in being passed, the states Republican party had their takes on this situation. “Beacon Hill Democrats like @repdanhunt are fearlessly taking on the biggest problems facing the commonwealth”. Even though this tweet is full of sarcasm, it echoes my points on how minuscule this “problem” is and that this is going to be forgettable very quickly. In regards to that, there are bigger issues to be focusing on within Greater Boston and further out in the state of Massachusetts. Moreover, community service worker Takiyah White was the constituent who asked Democrat Dan Hunt to file the bill. So whoever was privy to this news story, thank her for being the catalyst to this absurdity. She states that “I hear the word used every day, and I’m hurt by it,”. She adds by saying that there needs to be a legal penalty for using that word. “Simply telling people they shouldn’t speak that way is not good enough. At the very least, using that word is harassment.” This woman, in my opinion, sounds like a Delores Tucker type who was a gangsta rap critic going up against the likes of 2pac, Snoop Dogg, basically all of gangsta rappers in the 90’s who used words such as Bitches, Hoes, etc… Do I think this bill will pass, no, but crazier things have happened in the past when it comes to laws being made. And if it somehow does pass, people will still say it, maybe this time while running away from the law lol. That’s all I have to say about this, leave a like, comment if you feel the need to and follow so you can stay up to date with my future posts. As always, peace and keep it real.

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They said what now?

  • Like the saying goes, opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.

So, legendary filmmakers Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola have voiced their distaste for Marvel films, and how these films have no business in cinema since they’re not a good representation or depiction of cinema’s true essence. In regards to that, not to be outdone British director Ken Loach said superhero films are “boring” and “a cynical exercise that has nothing to do with cinema”. With all these harsh words towards Marvel, actress Natalie Portman, who starred in a few Marvel films, notably the “Thor” films and the recent Avengers Endgame said something I thought of when reading the article, but I’ll go into further detail with my takes than she did. She states, “I think there’s room for all types of cinema”. “There’s not one way to make art. I think that Marvel films are so popular because they’re entertaining and people desire entertainment when they have their special time after work, after dealing with their hardships in real life.” I wholeheartedly agree because I feel Marvel and other superhero films including the DC films are in their own lane and have a certain audience they attract. Moreover, the older generation (these film directors and more) will not gravitate towards all the extravagant things these superhero films and comic books possess at first sight. Look, I have a ton of respect for both film directors (Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola) who created classics from Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Casino, Godfather and so forth. So they’re opinions are valid and I respect their stance, but as a person who enjoys watching these superhero films I have to say that there is a diverse way of making art and creating something from comic books onto the big screen is a huge leap and a hefty task because these creators have to please fans who will criticize everything that isn’t right from story lines, visuals and so forth. So the directors of these superhero films in this case Marvel, have a lot at stake to create a memorable film that will stand the test of time in cinema. Even if it looks like “theme parks” as Scorsese put it, they are still captivating and enthralling. As I said before, these films have their own lane in Cinema and it’s always easy for others to criticize when you’re on other side going towards your path and goals.

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Don’t call me that

  • This man was doing his job and was verbally harassed multiple times, and he gets fired for standing up for himself? Hmm… let’s look into this.

We know that security officials in schools do their best to keep the peace, but in this news story that I’m going to present and give my takes on has a security official who wouldn’t allow verbal abuse from a student to go unchecked, and the outcome is purely ridiculous. So, this story takes place at Madison West High School in Madison Wisconsin. When security official Marlon Anderson was called upon by the assistant principal to help escort a disruptive student off school grounds, it went downhill when he found himself in a predicament where this rambunctious student began resisting, yelling expletives and racial slurs towards Mr. Anderson even when backup came to assist him. At first Mr. Anderson did his best to refrain from retaliating to the students actions even when the student began calling him the N word (Nigga) and it’s vile counterpart Ni**er. After multiple attempts to tell the student to not call him that he eventually had enough and began exchanging words with the students using the N word (Nigga) which he was called repeatedly, and you know want that ended with? Well, it cost him his job because he was terminated after the incident. So, let me get this straight, this security official faced a barrage of insults and he was terminated when he did his best to diffuse a heated situation and asked the student to stop referring to him that way? I have to side with Mr. Anderson on this one because even though the school says they have a zero tolerance for that type of language, this type of indignation is preposterous due to the fact that no one was physically harmed and the one who was the victim in this situation was punished. From my understanding when seeing his side of the story during an interview, he was an upstanding person who would always uplift students whenever he saw them throughout the school day, and made sure to keep the environment safe to learn in. What I found surprising even though he didn’t bring it up in his interview is that the faculty or the other security officials who were assisting him with dismissing this belligerent student didn’t come to his defense and explain from their point of view why the student should have been disciplined for excessive verbal abuse. In regards to that, everything we say especially explicit language should be understand from the context it is said. And from Mr. Anderson’s perspective telling the student to stop calling him the N word (nigga) it gave him and I’m just paraphrasing what he said, the power to stand up to people who’ve been calling his family members and many black Americans that word for centuries who didn’t have the power to tell their oppressors to stop calling them dehumanizing language. Equally important, this termination could possibly damage his reputation in terms of working security at another high school even though he didn’t instigate the situation, and it’s very unfortunate because new employers might not see it from his perspective. That’s all I have to say because this story to me after reading and watching Mr. Anderson’s interview is infuriating because a good man lost his job over some idiots inappropriate behaviors. Leave a comment if you feel the need to and be on the lookout for my next post and future ones. As always, peace and keep it real.

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There is no safe zone

  • You can’t call nowhere safe

Maybe you’ve heard about the news story about the Texas police officer (Aaron Dean) taking the life of 28 year old woman Atatiana Jefferson. If not, I’ll fill you in. This is the second that I know of home invasion killing done by a cop and yes I said home invasion because that’s clearly what it is, there’s no dispute about it, you can debate me later. Anyways, she was at home spending time peacefully with her nephew playing video games, and had her life taken in a home invasion done by a police officer who didn’t identify himself to her when being in the vicinity of her home. This whole scenario started off with a concerned neighbor calling the cops because the door to Ms. Jefferson door was ajar, which I don’t find anything wrong with because neighbors should look out for each other when dangerous situations might arise. Fast forward to the cop who looked around with his flashlight to find anything unusual or such. He came across Ms. Jefferson and gave her a few seconds let’s say less than four, and told her to show her hands. Without hesitation he began shooting her. Like I said before, he didn’t identify himself to her, it was if he were like some terminator and knew his target to eliminate from existence. Moreover, these badge terminators always have something to fall back on and that is their fear of a “threat” to their lives when they find themselves in tense situations. Furthermore, they used a defense of feeling threatened and in danger from a “perceived threat” by coming across photographs of a gun in Ms. Jefferson’s home. And? We already know this is piece of “evidence” that they found is something they can use against the victim to portray her as hostile. I’m not buying that bullshit because regardless of what this incompetent officer says, Ms. Jefferson is gone, and at this moment has no justice! Even if he ( Aaron Dean) is brought up on charges of murder and hopefully charge with home invasion, I bet he’ll probably get the same treatment Amber Guyger got which was ten years for her slaying of Jean Botham last month in Dallas, but I’m getting my hopes up and expect some bullshit termination or such. With that said, they’re badge terminators who abuse their power out there and will probably continue to get away with these killings because the system is set up against civilians and their rights. This situation could happen to anyone anywhere and that’s the scary part about it. The people who are sworn in to protect and serve all wear the same badges so it’s difficult to distinguish the well trained officer who is doing his or her duties and the incompetent badge terminators who freak out in strenuous situations and have to bust back with shots. I’m not trying to make this a race issue, or my stance on the police force, I’m trying to point out the stupidity, negligence and recklessness these badge terminators have shown that always ends up with someone losing their life, and the justice system giving a half ass punishment to these perpetrators. Anyways, that’s my perspective on this situation. Whether you think I’m too hard on the “boys in blue” or anti police or whatever the case my be doesn’t bother or matter to me because, like I said before we live among police everyday and that one trigger happy badge terminator might be the one you come across and can end you or someone you know if you happen to provoke him or her the wrong way. This may sound harsh, but it’s the cold truth. Be aware, stay safe and thanks for reading. Leave a comment if feel the need too. Until next peace and keep it real.

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El Camino : A Breaking Bad film review

  • I enjoyed it for what it was but it could have had some improvements. There are no spoilers here so let’s get to it.

Breaking Bad fans rejoice the long anticipated movie El Camino dropped this past Friday and it was interesting to say the least. There were talks about the film in the last few years but here it is finally on Netflix. If you’ve seen the entire five seasons of AMC’s Breaking Bad then you’re familiar with the two main characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and their dangerous adventures in the meth drug game. I’m not here to recap what happened in all five seasons so go ahead and watch it if you haven’t because it’s one of the greatest crime dramas in TV history in my opinion. Now to the film, this film follows Jesse Pinkman’s recovery through the hell he’s been through at the end of season five, and his determination to start a new life with a clean slate ( and I mean a clean slate of leaving the person he was behind him) from the help of a mysterious man who Walter White had the help from at the end of season five. With that said, Vince Gilligian the creator of the show had a few years to play around the film idea and he produced an adequate showing, but it could have had more and that goes to my next point. I feel that it could have been done as a miniseries because I wanted more characters to have screen time and additional plot lines that could have been used as obstacles that would have gave Jesse troubles from reaching his goal of anonymity from the drug world he left behind. Having said all of that, Aaron Paul’s performance as Jesse was great as usual and the rest of the performances from the cast were also good. The one thing that I noticed was done well were the “flashbacks” from other seasons. I put the word flashbacks in quotes because it was indeed a flashback in the proper definition, but there was a backstory to the flashback in a time period within the original narrative of the show that viewers never seen. This explains certain outcomes to what eventually happened in the present day of the film. The last two things I want to commend is the cinematography that gave the same Breaking Bad look that everyone enjoyed and the musical scores that added suspense to intense scenes. Overall, it was a solid film. Would I watch it again? Sure and maybe this time I might even like it even more. If I were to give the film a rating out of 5, I would say it teeters on a solid 3/5. If you’ve seen Breaking Bad and have seen El Camino comment your thoughts, like and follow for my future posts. Until next time, peace and keep it real.

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Joker movie review

  • It was okay…

This is my first time doing a movie review so I’m going to get right to it. If you haven’t seen the newly released film Joker don’t worry I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but still go out and see it while you can still can. Anyways, like I said in my intro statement, it was okay and the reason I say this is because there were some things I found particularly off putting, but there were some exceptional things I’ll commend. First, starting off with the good. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was great and will probably earn him some award nominations. I’d say this Joker compared to Heath Ledgers Joker are not comparable for the simple fact that Phoenix’s joker isn’t very competent to be an adversary to Batman in terms of intellect if he were to play the role again in a Batman film. In regards to that, his feeble adolescent mindset would be hindrance that I don’t want to ridicule since his character was abused a child, but he does carry a whole lot of emotional baggage. Secondly, the cinematography gave me a neo- noir feel which I enjoyed and I felt it was unique in the regard that it didn’t resemble any other of the DC comic book character films I’ve seen in the last few years. Now onto the other side, the things I didn’t like. The pacing of film from the start up until a little past halfway through the film felt sluggish and it wasn’t until the Joker had so many compounding forces and demoralizing circumstances done to him that it eventually lead to a more faster plot line which rushed into an ending full of mayhem. The writing for the film wasn’t strong and the plot is evidence of that. However, I perceived it as having proficient character development (i.e. Robert De Niro’s Murray Franklin to a name one) that made up for the average plot. And that’s why I’d say this is an adequate character movie but not a great Joker film. The film name Joker felt as if were slapped on with some Batman characters and a few subplots that occurred in Batman’s origin. I guess that’s all it took for it to sound plausible for the director and so forth to give the film its naming. Returning to my point of comparing Phoneix’s and Ledger’s Jokers. I didn’t find any characteristics traits I could take away from this Joker compared to Ledger’s because the latter had a profound impact in cinema history with not only his memorable lines but his charisma and clever savagery that made you cringe but somewhat smile that many Batman fans can agree upon. As of now, that’s all I have to say because you’ll have to watch it to come to your own conclusions, and if you have watched it leave a like, comment about what you thought of the film and follow so you can stay up to date on my next and following posts. Until next time, peace and keep it real.

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