Sonic the hedgehog film review

  • Jim Carrey saved this movie because the rest is forgettable.

Back in the 1990’s Sonic, the hedgehog was the flagship character for SEGA from videos games, to merchandising, to animated series. Other than Mario for Nintendo, Sonic the hedgehog was synonymous with SEGA. I’ve had Nintendo and PlayStation consoles my entire life so I never played Sonic on the SEGA but I did on PC. Having said that, I’m familiar with the extraterrestrial Sonic and was intrigued to see the film once I saw the trailer but at first, there was a mishap that had fans somewhat repulse by the depiction of Sonic. I thought I was only one who saw it but after you read this post google search how Sonic looked before they changed him to look like how he was in the video games. Initially, Sonic looked like the kid from Jumanji after he turned into a monkey. No lie it was the first thing I thought of and I had to laugh because I knew if they put this on the big screen it sure will get a ton of negative reception. Anyways onto the film, as with my other film reviews, I won’t spoil the plotline only giving my takes on everything surrounding the plotline, but I will give a little background to the story for context reasons. So the movie begins with Sonic as a child being raised by an Owl. Yes, an owl right from the beginning that makes no sense and he has to leave his planet due to being chased by echidna aliens because they want to abduct him. He uses the famous rings from the games to enter our planet and lands in Green Hills Montana. Fast forward Sonic sends electric magnetic shock waves after playing baseball by himself, yes he can do that because after all, he has supersonic speed. The entire Pacific Northwest loses power due to this and Sonic is seen as domestic terrorists. From then Sonic is aided with the protection from a sheriff Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) and they go on a somewhat funny and dangerous road trip. I’ll stop here in my plot background as you’ll have to see more of the film to see how everything progresses. As I said in my intro statement Jim Carrey saved this film for becoming a complete flop. His famous slapstick, high energy we’ve seen in his classics such as Ace Ventura, The Mask, and more are present in this as every scene he’s in I enjoyed. If it came to watching this film again I probably would only watch his scenes because they were that good. Sonic is the worst kind of bad movie: it’s too inoffensive to be hated due to a younger audience gravitating towards its humor and too disorganized to be enjoyable. In closing, sonic is a mediocre video game adaptation and buddy comedy. With the uninspired chase scenes, mundane and dumb plot twists, and disposable pop culture references it piles up into forgettable adventures that I expect will be duplicated if there is a sequel and there very might be because at the end credits there is a famous character from the Sonic that makes an appearance. Leave a like and comment if you’ve seen it or plan on seeing this or have anything to say about Sonic. Also, follow my page so you can be updated with my future posts and as always peace and keep it real.

Image result for sonic the hedgehog

Image result for sonic the hedgehog
Sonic: Before and after with the digital facial changes. You see how he looks humanoid on the left.

My rating for the film: 1.8/5 Grade: D+

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