Gotta love the arts (A photo collection in color Part 3)

Welcome, this is the third part in my photography collection miniseries. I intend to make this a longer series in the future once were return to normalcy after this COVID 19 pandemic, but as of now with the limited amount of photos I’ve taken in the last three months I felt it was appropriate to make this a miniseries. Having said this the photos you’ll see in this post consist of the arts, from the visual side, to the music and I’ll even include sports in there too because after all that is entertainment too. Anyways if you enjoy this post leave a like and chime in if you’d like. Also follow my page so you be updated with future posts. As always peace and keep it real.

Title : The Creatives Den 
Location : Graffiti Alley, Central Square,  Cambridge MA
Site description : The graffiti alley is a visual artists heaven, I mean look how vibrant it is! All the graffiti has a story to tell whether it’s to simply captivate or educate with social commentary artwork. The graffiti alley is a landmark in the city of Cambridge for artists to showcase their bold art. In addition, the graffiti alley is home to Cambridge Hip Hop cypher notably called The Bridgeside Cypher. Local hip hop artist freestyle and put on a mini concert of sorts, and as a frequent attendant to that event I can say that you will not walk by without wanting to check out the excitement that the cypher delivers. 
Title : The house brings the fire
Location : House of Blues, Boston MA 
Site Description : Believe it or not this was my first time going to a House of Blues to see a concert. I’ve been to many venues to see concerts but this venue was a place to remember. I went to ASAP Ferg during his Floor Seats tour and man talk about insanity. From mosh pits, to cannabis smoke filling the club, to crowd surfing, it was like I said a time and place to remember. House of Blues is a music venue that started in Cambridge MA in 1992 and was founded by Isaac Tigret and SNL star Dan Aykord. The club would eventually open in multiple cities across the nation and as of now there are 12 club locations in the U.S.
Title : Mamba Mentality Way
Location :
Graffiti Alley, Central Square, Cambridge MA
Site description :
Once again at the Graffiti Alley this amazing mural is of the late Kobe Bryant and his late daughter Gianna Bryant was created in memory of the legacy of Kobe Bryant. I took this photo a week after the tragic deaths of Kobe, his daughter, and the other six people on the plane that were leaving Calabasas California. 
Title : My favorite pastime on timeout 
Location :
Pemberton Tennis and Basketball Courts, Cambridge MA
Site description :
First and foremost , I do not want to refer to this basketball court by the long name in the description above. Since the court is next to the middle school I attended which was named The Peabody School I have and will continue to call it the Peabody courts. Anyways this photo was taken a few weeks back as I was out taking a walk and I wanted to see after the pandemic happened if the courts open status would be affected by it. Evidently it was and it’s disappointing to know that this COVID 19 pandemic can sabotage my chances of playing basketball this Spring and Summer

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