Southern Hospitality? (Black History 365?)

  • Below are two images I came across that caught my interest, and since it is so called Black History Month (It’s 365 days from my perspective) I wanted to show you the unpleasant aspects of life as a black person during Slavery, Jim Crow and so forth. The second photo has strong language so reader discretion is advised. I wrote down what the text in the second photo says because it can be to read without zooming in.

“Having paid the license fee (Person Name) is hereby licensed to hunt and kill NIGGERS during the open season here in Missouri. This license must be carried on the person when hunting NIGGERS and gives the holder permission to hunt day or night with or without dogs”

One thought on “Southern Hospitality? (Black History 365?)

  1. Amazing, aren’t they? I am always so moved by the history of black Americans… my history. My friend sent me the 2nd picture a few years ago and I had to hold onto it. The strength, resilience and courage of everything that they went through so I could live the life I am living is humbling. I’m having a hard time even putting it into words. That 1st picture? Wow. I would love to know the story behind that picture. She wasn’t even considered a person and yet she’s keeping 2 babies fed. Just, wow.

    Thank you for sharing these poignant photos.

    ~ Cassie |

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