A Minute Trail: Cityscape Photo Mix

Title: Break time 

Location: Bedford Depot, Bedford, MA 

Photo Description: After arriving at the Bedford Depot which is the last stop on the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway in Greater Boston, I grabbed lunch with a friend and took in the scenery with this photo. 

Title: Depot Chillin’ 

Location: Bedford Depot, Bedford, MA 

Photo description: This is the endpoint of the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway at Bedford MA. The old train is a monument of what was once a subway system that ran from Bedford to Boston. The bike path was converted from what were once train rails into pavement for cyclists to ride from Cambridge, MA to Bedford and back. 

Title: L.H.S. (Lexington Historical Society) 

Location: Lexington, MA 

Photo description: As I made my journey to my destination (the Bedford Depot) I took a five-minute break from cycling to take in the Lexington Town Center and took a snapshot of this historical building. 

Title: History Lesson 

Location: Bedford Depot, Bedford, MA

Photo description: A history lesson on the Bedford Depot. 

Bonus photo :

Title: Jazzmatazz

Location: South Boston, Seaport District Maritime Park, MA

Photo description: This was my first time attending the Boston Jazz Festival and I was glad to witness the outstanding jazz/soul musician Kandace Springs who has an enchanting voice. She was the headlining act. 

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