New project announcement

Welcome readers, I’m happy to announce that I launched my first ever podcast which is an extension to my blog series on here Black History 365. The title of podcast is Black History 365 : The Throw Down and you can check it out on Spotify, Overcast, and Anchor. I’ll see if can include a […]

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Debut release

Hello readers, I have an announcement that brings me much excitement and fulfillment. Earlier this week I published my debut poetry eBook and paperback book titled “Vividly Versatile”. I titled it after a poem I wrote of the same name. One morning I was in the shower thinking, I’m sure a lot people can concur […]

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There are always two sides

QUICK UPDATE I’ve been working on another collaboration poem and look forward to posting that very soon. I’ve been also working on a short story I’ve written like 2 years ago but never knew where to go with it, and I think I do now. Anyways I hope to post it here when it’s finished. […]

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13th floor elevator

This is a pastel painting from a homie of mine who is a visual artist in Greater Boston. I recently purchased this piece and I look forward to displaying it in my room. Anyways I thought of a poem instantly while analyzing the painting. So here it is… If interested please check out his awesome […]

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Mother nature is in trouble

Mother nature is in trouble.The birth of spring has been diagnosed with a disorder of winds and foolish unwelcome snowflakes. Cloaked warmness please swarm us, for the sunshine has valiantly kept the chills at bay. If they get too comfortable they’ll over stay their welcome until May. A few quick announcements… I just got an […]

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Quick Announcement

Hello readers, I want to give a quick announcement on something I should have posted days ago but remembered today. On January 20th 2018 my 4th published poem called “Their dead souls won’t let me grow” will be a featured post on SpillWords. If you have not checked out this poem I wrote it back […]

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