13th floor elevator

  • This is a pastel painting from a homie of mine who is a visual artist in Greater Boston. I recently purchased this piece and I look forward to displaying it in my room. Anyways I thought of a poem instantly while analyzing the painting. So here it is…
  • If interested please check out his awesome workΒ  @https://www.cloudkarmapastels.com/
  • Artist name CloudKarma, Β  Β  artwork title : 13 Floor elevator


Enter the 13th floor elevator,

Where the roughness of inhaled smoke becomes filtered

for you to embark on a smooth voyage of exhaling relaxation,

A new tale begins with every new occupant,

Lingering raw dreams are exhaled,

Only for the next souls to breathe it in delicately

5 thoughts on “13th floor elevator

  1. Your gonna have to explain this one to me. I have read it 4 times now and I am only beginning to catch your meaning… ” Lingering raw dreams are exhaled”. This line feels like it relates to the figure and whats being exhaled is a lingering raw dream. I like the way you put that. Thanks for taking the time to analyze this painting and come up with such skillful wordplay to go with the imagery.

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  2. I really enjoy this line where you say… ” Lingering raw dreams are exhaled” I get this image in my mind that the figure is breathing out a dream with every breathe and that breathe sticks around waiting to be inhaled by the next passer by. Thanks for putting words to this man, this image moves in my mind now.

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