Debut release

Hello readers,

I have an announcement that brings me much excitement and fulfillment. Earlier this week I published my debut poetry eBook and paperback book titled “Vividly Versatile”. I titled it after a poem I wrote of the same name. One morning I was in the shower thinking, I’m sure a lot people can concur that’s an activity where ideas can flow out of the mind easily (no pun intended). Anyways, I came up with the title of the poem, wrote it, and took a step back so to speak and analyzed one thing. My work is vivid and it’s versatile covering an array of themes over almost two years of existing on WordPress. Hence the book title. I digress, I’m sure any writer on WordPress who writes poetry can agree that it’s a time consuming process to develop a book, eBook or physical. Comprising a collection will take a lot of time in terms of editing, formatting and so forth, but at the end it’s always a satisfying feeling once accomplished. At the bottom of this post I’m leaving an Amazon link where you can view my paperback and eBook. If you go on amazon and search the book title, both formats will appear. I intended to make the eBook free but I was cornered by Kindle publishing to price it. It’s the cheaper of the two so if anything check that out. Please leave any comments about your experience with publishing if you have any. Other comments are always welcomed. Thanks for reading. Now I’m going to start the next one.

All peace,


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