With pain, freedom and growth awaits


I came across this video on Twitter which is not nothing I’ve never seen before, but is usually negated to be addressed in the media. Slavery is worldwide but not brought up enough because it’s not convenient to discuss slavery unless we’re talking about the slavery that occurred in the U.S. I’m not disregarding the heinous practices of slavery in the U.S. that literally built this country, but we need to step back and look at the totality of slavery that been happening for centuries upon centuries in different continents. Africa has had a history of slavery well before slaves were transported and entered west to the Americas (North and South) and Caribbean countries. After watching this video I had a few thoughts regarding these young souls daily pain. In the video the country shown is Ghana and is in the POV of 3 child slaves, Godson, Gideon and Foli. One of them narrates the daily adversity they’ve faced which is very saddening. Having to work 18 hours in the lakes, while being harassed endlessly will cause any soul to wish for freedom and hope it answers before it’s too late. I don’t want to go into more details about the video that’s why the link is provided. I’ll leave this post with my final thoughts about the video. It was profound, disheartening, and eventually liberating to see a young soul who has the courage and perseverance of a prince and the path to having the heart and strength of a king. With his new found freedom he’ll know what it’ll be like to grow up around his peers and have the fun that was once void in his life. A quick poem is at the bottom of this blog post. PEACE


His mind housed a deck of pain with unanswered questions

Due to the everyday torment he had to wake up to,

His aspirations for freedom became exhausted with every word uttered, 

But his resilience would be energized through every dive and resurface,

His heart sheltered turmoil

That would remain eternally in his conscious,

Eventually becoming liberated into a young prince who laid the path for his freedom,

While he waits to grow into the young king he will soon become



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