The Remedy

Verse 1:

He was unable to withstand the weight of years filled with toxic memories

Finding it hard to fathom a strong enough remedy to put those malevolent times at ease

A winter solstice was the right time for it to extend it’s cold

grip as it briskly whispers it introductions

with a persistent seduction to flood all the love he’s lost over the years

In times of trouble he finds the nearest remedy

fast and efficient but not very dear or considerate


Verse 2 :

Morning relief comes in a limited edition

as he desperately pours out a prized remedy

but finds himself disappointed when the relief fails to fully satisfy his pain

wondering why does it have to manifest with a transitory effect?

allow me to explain, the remedy can’t eliminate the toxic memories

only shroud them until it’s a matter of time for them to reappear

and the remedy will eventually lose it’s strength

Overzealous he consumes the rest of theΒ remedy

Quickly realizing his tolerance was not use to an excessive dosage

As the remedy bids him a farewell with complete darkness as a memory








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