Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker review

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After watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker I’m not sure where to begin because there were many aspects of the film that baffled me. I’ll address some of the questions I had while watching the film and maybe some viewers will share my perspectives. First and foremost even though I enjoy the Star Wars series I am in no means an expert or fanatic who can recall all storylines or knowledge pertaining to the film, but I do have an adequate amount of knowledge to hold my own in a conversation. So if you have any insights feel free to comment below. With that said, onto my takes on the film. This is the second film of the three total sequel trilogy that was directed by JJ Abrams who initially directed “The Force Awakens” and I believe this film might be the last in this sequel trilogy because Star Wars fans your treasured stories of the original trilogy and I’ll include the prequels have been tarnished with this film release in my opinion. One of the glaring problems happens within minutes of the opening of the film and will follow throughout the rest of the film and that’s the return of Emperor Palaptine aka Darth Sidious who was killed by Darth Vader in the Return of the Jedi (Original Trilogy) due to the fact that Palpatine was in the process of killing Luke Skywalker because he wouldn’t give in and join the dark side. After Anakin fulfilled his prophecy as the chosen one to eliminate Palpatine we all believed Palaptine to be dead right? No somehow Anakin Skywalker’s efforts seem to mean anything and we have a resurrected Palaptine which wasn’t even explained at all in this film and he’s back now with the same continued vendetta against Jedi’s and now the planned execution of the new “leader” or I’d like to call her the “Messiah of the galaxy” Rey. Palaptine fulfilled his purpose in the original trilogy and I feel did not need to appear in this film. Reformulating a plotline from a previous film with a deceased character is not original nor will it bring forth anything worthwhile to end this sequel trilogy. Furthermore, the Mary Sue of the series Rey seems to demonstrate an indestructible defense in battle and rarely gets seriously hurt which is perplexing because come on now even Superman had kryptonite. Without spoiling anything I want to include the aspects I did enjoy about the film. From the cinematography and the choreography for the lightsaber battles, these pros will suffice the entertainment value to the viewer even though the lackluster storyline will disappoint die-hard fans who will have questions like when did Rey learn force healing? Or who is Rey’s mother since we know she has a paternal descendant from the dark side? And how can she be the heir of the Jedi line and the “Messiah of the Galaxy” if she is not a descendant of the Skywalker line aka the chosen one? I will give JJ Abrams credit for returning and giving a solid direction for this film compared to The Last Jedi which wasn’t up to par with Star Wars fans, but as with everything positive the negatives, in this case, outweigh it i.e. the nonsensical bloated and convoluted plot that had me confused at some points and the dialogue that falls flat even when trying to come across as humorous, and believe me people around me were laughing and there wasn’t a point in the film where I found any of the characters banter amusing. The only thing I could smirk at was maybe the many faces that Rey made which was comical to me. Anyways, that’s all I want to share about this film and if this the end of the sequel trilogy then that’s a damn shame, but I believe there is still ways to improve especially the story lines if the series happens to continue. As I said before, leave a comment if you’d like to share your thoughts on the film or want to include anything I’ve missed. Leave a like if you enjoyed reading this and follow my page for future posts. I’ll be looking to close out the year with one last film review and I’m looking forward for more great films I can review in the next year. As always peace and keep it real.

My rating for the film: 2/5, Grade: C-

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker review

  1. In my humble opinion, The very first two were the best. Return of The Jedi was kind of lighter storytelling. The prequels which told about the birth of Darth Vader were somewhat interesting and I got completely lost with the lastest trilogy. Then all these spin-offs are just overkill. I have heard a lot of trashing The Rise of Skywalker. All I know is whoever took control of the Star Wars universe got lost in the galaxy trying to tell or retell these stories. Thank you for your honest review. Peace

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