A look inside MLK JR Day

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We celebrate the day and life of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr and everything he stood for when it came to gaining the civil liberties of black people and helping to end segregation, but there is something about him that had to change because his passive-aggressive mentality when it came to dealing with racism usually backfired, and it was unfortunate that he realized it too late and once he did he was assassinated. For instance, even though these characters are fictional in the film Black Panther we have two characters T’challa and Killmonger who have characteristic traits that resembled MLK Jr. and Malcolm X respectively. T’challa the one who would be the future to defend wakanda morally even if it can hinder and possibly stagnant his mission. On the other hand, we have Killmonger who was like Malcolm X. Malcolm X after his parents died lived in foster care and grew up in the streets which then led to him serving time prison. His transformation from that point led to him educating himself to become a radical leader that advocated black separatism. He was an individual who would defend himself and warned his people to defend themselves by any means necessary. The ideology of black separatism would change when he took his pilgrimage to Mecca and converted to Sunni Islam whose believers were of all colors and ethnic groups. At first MLK jr had an ideology to turn the other cheek and find ways love thy enemy which he eventually snapped out of that bullshit and came to the realization that there was no common ground because the ground he was walking on had the blood of his ancestors and people who were by his side that fought valiantly to end oppression. And this is why the government killed him. They didn’t care if he preached about him having a dream and hope to live in harmony with his oppressors, they feared and had to stop the awakening of the sleeping black folk who were being molly whopped by institutionalized racism on the daily. During Jim Crow blacks were living in a daily nightmare and MLK had his dreams drowned by the living nightmare he and his people were experiencing. That nightmare became too overwhelming for him to ignore it so he did what Malcolm X did and went against the passive-aggressive attitude and attacked the system with everything he had. I want to conclude by saying I’m in no way attacking Martin Luther King Jr’s efforts during the civil rights movement because he was one of the most prominent and influential ones during his time, but there comes a time when enough is enough and the daily anguish needs to be dealt with by any means necessary. To everyone reading this take a time to reflect on what you have learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and go on to learn more because there was more to this man than his famous “I have a dream speech”. Leave a like and comment if you feel the need to. Also follow my page for future posts, I’m looking to drop a film review this week I haven’t in a while because there hasn’t been any films out there they peaked my interest. Anyways, as always peace and keep it real.

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