Entering Events (City Mix Photos)

  • This city mix of photos are all events I went to in the past weeks. I hope you enjoy this post and hit the follow button so you can stay up to date with future posts.

Title : Summer Set 

Location :  Cambridge Crossing, East Cambridge, MA
Site Description : When I took this photo it was my first time attending CX Summer Nights which is an outdoor entertainment gathering that happens a few times during the summer in Cambridge MA.

Title :Moving Elements 

Location : The Phoenix Landing, Cambridge MA

Site Description : The Phoenix Landing is a restaurant and music scene in Central Square. I’ve walked past The Phoenix Landing for years every time I was in Central Sq (Cambridge) and never had the reason to go in there, until an acquaintance recommended me to attend this spot with him and take in it’s scenery. 

Title : 1,2,1,2

Location : 7 Hills Park, Somerville Park 

Site Description : I was at the Artbeat Somerville Festival in this photo, a festival created by Somerville Arts Council, and as you can see, the performers are jammin’. This was the last act (Hip Hop) on an incredible lineup of artists. 

Title : Rock on

Location : The Jungle Music Community, Somerville MA

Site Description : I was stage side at this great rock performance at the famous, The Jungle Music Community in Union Square Somerville MA. 

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