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  • Young minds place their trust into an influencer who is usually someone that is the closest to them, and sometimes those influencers can let them down in ways they cannot comprehend yet.

So, I came across a news story on Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry and how her ex partner insists on perceiving their daughter as white since he is a white man. I want to dissect this story first from the perspective on how their young daughter can perceive herself when she grows older and how due to being in a household where she didn’t think about questioning her racial identity can doubt her confidence when trying to include herself in a group when she enters adulthood. With that said, Berry’s race has been refuted by her ex Gabriel Aubry who believes she isn’t Black due to her being biracial, which I don’t believe in because to me she is Black and the rest of America perceives as such. This includes all these other biracial people. He dismisses any belief to the one-drop theory which I have my opinions on, but that’s here nor there. To be honest, her biracial ass would be discriminated against just like any other black folk if she grew up back in the Jim Crow deep south. If she grew up during segregation her half whiteness wouldn’t have saved her from any torment. I digress, I want to get back to how here daughter could be influenced by living in a household with parents of different races. First, Berry from my understanding hasn’t taken the initiative even though she is black to instill black pride or confidence in her daughter to combat any detracting influences her daughter’s father bestowed on her adolescent mind. I haven’t heard or seen Berry speak up against white supremacy, police brutality, the system, and all injustices which I can go on for. So I can only imagine her daughter would resemble her mother’s mindset when she enters adulthood. These types of proactive approaches Halle Berry can do will demonstrate to her daughter how a strong black woman stands for a cause to uplift her people even in the face of daily injustice. But no she lays around with these white colonizers and has children with them because I’m assuming since she was raised by a white woman and not her black father she gravitates towards these white men. It all starts when we’re young. Our minds are susceptible to things the closet people we grow up with who teach us and show us the ways of life, and that’s usual our parents. If you were to look at it from this perspective, since Berry hasn’t instilled enough black pride in herself or her daughter then Aubrey her ex can be sort of like in this example a slave master who has children with one of his slaves, and then has a house negro which he can chose to perceive and influence that child into becoming what he envisions. This sort of manipulation can be eradicated by staying away from the source problem which is to not be in relationships with these white colonizers and if black women and men were to be in a relationship with them, then they’re significant other better advocate and support their efforts to raise children with black pride, love, values, and confidence. Berry claims that she was called racial slurs and other hurtful remarks by her ex, but she probably should have expected beforehand that something like that could arise when you’re in bed these white folks. There’s no need to be shocked by the attitudes and ideologies these white folks have towards black folks even if these black folks marry into their families. They will always keep a side eye when your back is turned and smile in your face when you’re front of them. There will be a time when they show their true colors and by then you’re seen as overreacting when it happens. So, how do I see her child growing up? Well since her parents have played roles in neglecting to give her an understanding of who she is and who she can represent as an individual in this country then I find it difficult for her to find it out for herself when she becomes an adult. Some biracial and even black people claim their blackness but haven’t really contributed in a positive way to the black community and sometimes they even disregard their association, which is unfortunate, but that makes it easier to recognize the ones who have the energy to be proactive for change to a disenfranchised group of people. With that said, it seems like Halle Berry has chosen her side and feels comfortable there, but her daughter will feel the discomfort with being misinformed and uneducated about the struggles she might endure in this nation as a person of color. Therefore accepting and embracing black pride will be a challenge due to her ignorance. That’s all I have to say about this. You might view this like I’m bashing interracial relationships, when to be honest, I could give a shit about that because it’s not my business whoever someone chooses to be with, it’s just something I wouldn’t promote or advocate for because situations such as this occur when black men or women feel alienated, disrespected, and depicted as hostile when they express their frustrations. In conclusion, the foundation is in the young minds that can become leaders for our many tomorrows. Some are fortunate enough to have fearless parents who’ll stop at nothing to educate their children on who they are and have the opportunities to become, but some lay to the side and allow another parent to dictate how things will and shall be which has to stop. Blacks parents, keep close to your children that will follow your example so their descendants will follow for future generations.Leave a comment if you feel the need to and follow so you can stay up to date on my future post. As always peace and keep it real.

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