Terminator Dark Fate Review

  • This film was such a disappointment.

I didn’t enter watching Terminator Dark fate with high expectations, or any expectations whatsoever, because I became aware of the movie coming out less than a week before its release on November 1st. Now after seeing it I found the film to be a lackluster effort which didn’t have a strong beginning or ending, even though it did have some bright spots that I will point out later in the post. On the subject of the beginning, it caught me off guard when I realized that the first twenty minutes of the film was in Spanish. Spanish! Come on now, it became kind of annoying reverting my attention from the subtitles and looking up at the performers on screen. This is just one of many nuisances in the film. To start it off the “protector” to the main character in this film goes up against a Terminator that is a recycled attempt from the T 1000 from T2 Judgement. I’ll go into more detail about the villain Terminator, but I want to vent about a problem with the character Grace (Mackenzie Davis) who was the “protector”. She’s a solider from the resistance brought back in time to protect Daniella “Dani” Ramos (Natalia Reyes) a Mexican woman who would conceive the leader of the Resistance against the Terminators. If any of you are familiar with the first Terminator, Sarah Connor was the mother of John Connor who was destined to be the leader of the Resistance that would fight against Terminator domination and the Terminator T 800 was sent to kill her from allowing it to happen . Anyways getting back to Grace there were some head-shaking moments for me when she was trying to protect Dani. First, she has all the qualities of any cyborg terminator, strength, agility, speed, etc… but there were moments where I thought Sarah Connor should have taken the role to protect Dani or an assigned Terminator like in T2 Judgement Day! To be honest, Grace is useless! She gasses out too quickly and constantly falls into a weakened state in the middle of battle when Dani’s life is on the line. Oh yeah, and she needs drugs which constantly impedes her from being strong enough to destroy a terminator once in contact. So her hybrid ass was off putting throughout the film. With that said, her mindset when it came to going up against Terminators was laughable. She believes that once you encounter a Terminator you need to kill one on sight within a few minutes or you and everyone around you dies. WHAT?! That’s never happened in any of the other films, because Terminators are relentless and ruthless as hell and it takes the entire film to “destroy” one of the countless ones SkyNet engineered, and once it is “killed” another one will take its place with the same objectives. Now to the villain Terminator Rev – 9. The Rev – 9 isn’t a Terminator that will cause any intimidation or fear in the hearts of his prey and I don’t know if it was due to laziness on the writers end or maybe James Cameron by having another shape-shifting liquid Terminator. I didn’t find anything creative or exciting about this Terminator when he came on screen, and I kind of wanted the next scene to come along because the actor’s performance I would say was average. The T – 1000 from T2 Judgement had a menacing presence that made that film memorable, and every time he was on screen the suspense way always at an insane pinnacle, but this Rev – 9 lacked all the attributes that T – 1000 exhibited. Furthermore, Sarah Connor who is a integral part of the Terminator Universe was a guide and a secondary protector to Dani, but I found her to be annoying at times because she has to remind us how powerful she can be against Terminators with her expertise against defeating them. One of the positive things I can take away from the film is Arnold Schwarzenegger the T -800/850 from four of the six total films. The scenes he was in had a few funny moments where I did chuckle at, but his “normal” life with a wife and son through me off loop and left me wondering if he had the qualities of his former self, and he sure did answer my question about that during the climax. Lastly, I’m not going to talk about the ending, because like the rest of the movie it was a letdown. The climax of this film didn’t leave me with anything memorable, whether that being plot-wise or the characters in the film especially Dani. She felt like a damsel in distress throughout the film and the actress Natalia Reyes performance I felt was flat throughout the film. Do I recommend watching this film, not really, but go ahead if you’ve been a fan of the Terminator franchise and want to relive some mentioned story lines from previous installments for nostalgia purposes. Will I watch this a second time? Probably not. Anyways, leave a like and follow so you can stay up to date with my future posts. And if you’ve seen this film or have seen any of the other Terminator films in the series, leave a comment with your thoughts on the film, and if the series should end with this installment, or keep going. As always, peace and keep it real.

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