COVID – 19 (Its impact thus far)

  • Hello reader, this post will be regarding the pandemic Corona Virus outbreak and the results thus far. If you could be please copy and paste the link below and the numbers this person is showing in the video has and will continuously be changing but it’s the last of the three categories of impact that needs to be addressed.
  • I also wrote a small poem after leaving an Open Mic and like all art it’s up for interpretation.

COVID – 19 better know as Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly and a vaccine is in the works so they claim and a cure is far from being created. From China to Italy to now the U.S. and more nations this relentless disease has caused people to panic and fear the worst and that’s evident with school classes and even semester canceled and on stand by, Sports leagues canceling seasons, events and business canceling activities, and more. Not to mention it’s difficult to come by hand sanitizer and believe me I did my best to find some to no avail but the strange thing I didn’t understand was the excessive hoarding of toilet paper and then it dawned on that people as I said before were preparing for the worst as if The Walking Dead or apocalyptic times were upon us. From my perspective am I scared? No. Am I concerned about my health and what can happen next? Yes. We’ll all have to take precautions and continue washing our hands and not touching our faces after we touch surfaces that could have contaminates, and lastly limiting the exposure to ourselves where there is a crowd of people around us that we presume to be sick.

  • As of today these are the results and the impact of the corona virus.

Total infections – 141,398 people have been confirmed to be infected. This includes suspected cases.

Total Deaths – 5,371 deaths have been confirmed

Total Recovered – 70,654 people have successfully recovered from the virus. However, it is stated that this figure might be highly inaccurate and it is subject to removal. I’m not too sure why these numbers would be subject to removal when people are in a state of panic and need optimism so their lives can return to normal. You can prove me wrong in the comment sections but from my perspective I feel that the U.S. government incorporated yes I said incorporated only wants people to focus on the two parts of information with this virus (Infections and Deaths) and this will thus allow them to influence people to act irrationally and selfishly (hoarding items) for “survival”. In closing these figures are as of current but will continue to increase and all we can do now is be mindful of others and ourselves until this situation has a solution. Take some deep breaths, meditate and do your best to practice mindfulness in whatever way you feel comfortable to eliminate the fear, because if not the fear will only diminish the strength of your immune system. Stay safe out there.

H1NL, Y2K, Swine Flu, the list goes on with viruses

and scares that put everywhere on the edge of the seats.

They hoped they’d still be able to feel their asses on the seats surface

and then realized that even though some have fallen the rest remain still able to feel their seats.

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