The Age of Apologies

Most times, it’s okay not to listen to people’s opinion, because no matter what you do, people will always find reasons to pick on you and cancel you at the end.

We have this going on today with the rampant and adverse energy of “Cancel Culture”. The last time I checked we have the first amendment still intact in the constitution, right? So every American should be able to utilize it at all times even if there will be ramifications for what is said because once something is said it cannot be retracted. This leads me to what I want to call theAge of Apologies”. A lot of public figures have apologized in the last few years due to controversial things they’ve said in the past (i.e. Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Nick Cannon) and, I didn’t have a problem with what they said, but in order to not jeopardize their brand and reputation I understand why they apologized. Quite frankly, as I said before, you can never retract what you said in the present or past, but being pressured into doing something to make another person feel better isn’t any better in my opinion, and I wouldn’t want my work of art tainted just for some jokes or comments I’ve made in the past when I was younger and less mature. Furthermore, “The Age of Apologies” will continue to happen for some to save face so to speak, and mitigate the crude speech to appease their “bosses”, and to that I say, whoever you may be reading this, stay resilient through the onslaught of detractors and stay loyal to what you say. 

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