Real Free flowing words podcast : “You gotta zoom in” an episode on zoom Dysmorphia–An-Episode-on-Zoom-Dysmorphia-e1783ld

  • I don’t post the episodes to my podcast that often on my blog site but I want people who have never been informed about my podcast to check it out. It’s the audio version to my written blog work on here, or more formally called a “Reformatted Podcasts”. Lastly, I want to add a link to an article for any of you new podcasters or seasoned ones. It’s on the seven types of podcasts formats, and best believe yours is one of the seven mentioned. Click the URL to read.
  • Use the URL to listen to the episode. As always, peace and keep it real.
Zoom dysmorphia: Record increase in plastic surgeries during work from home  | Deccan Herald

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