flow on

The Funk song “Aint no stoppin’ us now” by McFadden & Whitehead was the first thing I thought of when researching more about Flow State. Sometimes we might think a concatenation of things will be needed to inspire us to enter a flow state, but I don’t think it’s only inspiration, but the level of interest in the activity that will determine how much energy will be outputted. Furthermore, the consistency the activity is done with, I think will further make the flow state easier to enter and sustain. For example, on this website, a lot of bloggers here can probably attest to being so focused to the point where they felt “possessed” by some creative writing entity. Moreover, the output and quality of work they submitted at the end would usually be gratifying. The reason is, I think the duration it took to finish the project and the satisfactory outcome exceeded the blogger’s expectations once they began the activity. This will conceivably lead to consistency, but even with that, consistency will depend on the individual. So, flow on everyone. 

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