I’ve been frustrated with your ambiguity

Which left me wondering how I was unable to live up to your standards?

All I wanted was for you to be honest,

So please present me with definitive answers

Your disregard for my efforts energized me to persevere and continue

Envisioning a serendipitous outcome,

I can never dismiss you out of my life

but I wish I could

For the sight of you gives me motivation,

So I’ll leave you amongst the clutter in my inbox as a reminder

To be prepared for more of your rejections,

For it taught me a lesson

even though painful,

Life moves on and opportunities cannot be gained back unless

you take the initiative to seize the ones in front of you immediately

So I’ll appreciate every moment to keep on writing,

I hold no remorse but will give thanks to you

for the energy to help me move forward

Rejection can be a bitch but I’ll let her know that

with my persistence I’ll have something special

in store for me around the corner

  • Shout-out to Sara P. of SarainLaLaLand for also recently writing a poem about rejection. After reading mine, check hers out. Thank You and Peace
  • Possible new poet interview in the works, so be on the lookout for that.





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