Mother nature is in trouble

Mother nature is in trouble.The birth of spring has been diagnosed with a disorder of winds and foolish unwelcome snowflakes. Cloaked warmness please swarm us, for the sunshine has valiantly kept the chills at bay. If they get too comfortable they’ll over stay their welcome until May.

  • A few quick announcements…
  • I just got an email from another guest who’ll be a part of, Voices behind the words: An interview series with writers. That should be uploaded later this week, so stay tuned for that.
  • In the process of writing a poem that is inspired by the novel Invisible Man, which I just finished reading. It’s been called a literature masterpiece and I can certainly see why. It has awakened me to understand how the novel resonates to the times will live in today, even though the book was written a few years prior to civil rights movement.
  • While on Twitter this morning I came across @RealisticPoetry, and they posed this question, how would you describe yourself as a poet in 3 words? I came up with, Meticulous, Vivid, Energy. So I’ll present the same question to you, and leave a comment with your 3 words. PEACE



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