Get moving

I’m welcomed by a warm sunshine applause
Happy thoughts fall within
Flowers wave timely
However death takes a nearby home
I’m petrified to make acquaintances
To the inevitable collector
Trouble infects tranquil minds
I’ve come upon an empty bed for spirits to love But I can still sense their gentle touches as it remains in echoes passing along the corners Of fragile walls
And now I cannot get up from where I lay
My head turns towards the windowsill
As I grumble in silence
Collapsing mountains the only soundtrack to my life now
Balloons drift and now it’s nightfall
Oddities always offer a galore of suspicious displays
I have nothing left but the strength to hold my breath and search for answers to survive within an angry mind
Because I have no choice at this point… I will and have to make it through my worries and get myself moving out of the darkness

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