Angry gets sh*t done

I’m going to keep this post as brief as possible. So, actor Orlando Jones who stars in more like maybe starred in at this point American Gods has been reportedly fired for a scene that depicts a powerful monologue that explained the treachery black people had to and have endured under white supremacy. I advise you to copy and paste the URL that will immediately take you the video for a better context. Furthermore, the scene depicts him speaking to black men on a slave ship and I believe this what’s missing on cable television and that’s the uncensored representation of black men and women addressing the turmoil and injustice they have to endure and have endured in Amerikkka even on a fictitious show. And this includes all melanated people around the world from the Americas, Africa and all over the world. The classification of being black wasn’t something we called ourselves. Africans had a cultural identity first and traditions, but many black Americans have nothing of that remaining because Africa was terrorized by white colonizers. So this title of being black was given to us by people who believed they had “power” over us, and today still think do. In the scene, Orlando Jones character Mr. Nancy makes a statement saying to the soon to be slaves “Y’all still think you’re people” because soon enough they and their ancestors will meet their demise repeatedly in a multitude of savagery ways. From protests, riots, strikes, and more the anger has been shown many times, and at the end of the day for Black America being angry is all you can be because angry gets shit done. Leave a like and comment if you feel the need to,and follow my page so you can stay updated with my future posts. As always, peace and keep it real.

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