Be mindful

I meant to write this post over a month ago. After going through my notebook I came across some notes I took from a webinar in late January about Health and Wellness hosted by Wellness Coach Kristin Rayl. I’ll leave her social media links at the bottom of this post. Having said that, I’m want to say that I don’t have expert knowledge in this field of study nor have coached anyone through emotional or physical trauma, but I will say that after learning about Mindfulness and Wellness I can now incorporate some of the teachings into my life and you can too.

Mindfulness: To bring oneself bring back to the present moment without judgment from others. By expressing mindfulness one will become more aware of their surroundings and self within any given moment. What happened in the past and what’s going to happen in the future doesn’t matter, what matters is The Now aka the present moment.

The Three Pillars of Wellness

  • The Mind
  • The Body
  • The Spirit

If you neglect one of these pillars that’s when you’ll start to notice things will go awry in your life and the side effect to that is imbalances and that be difficult to manage when you realize that everything is out of order. These imbalances can lead to symptoms such as tension and sickness (The Body), sadness and emptiness inside (The Spirit) and stress and anxiety (The Mind). Creating and maintaining a balance with self care will cause all three of these pillars to become aligned. These three pillars will not align all at once, but with time they will connect and you’ll feel a sense of rejuvenation and accomplishment.

Equally important, creating a routine will help keep things aligned and will boost productivity since you’ll have that as a commitment to fulfill consistently. For instance, I’ve been writing things on sticky notes I need to get done in the future and leave them on my bedroom door and dresser. By having this kind of structure this will keep myself organized and with repetition, my mind and spirit will feel satisfaction due to the accountability. Furthermore, you won’t hit everything on your routine because there might be obstacles or circumstances that will shift your attention away from it, but remember to revert your complete attention to it once you make your return. In terms of activating your awareness and consciousness within The Body one way to create sensations throughout The Body is breath work (controlled breathing) and eye gazing which is staring at yourself in the mirror and praising yourself with encouraging words. I know this may sound peculiar but it doesn’t hurt to try it right?

In closing, there are many ways to improve wellness and health from meditation, creating a routine, eye gazing, controlled breathing and more. With a dedication to practicing mindfulness and meditation, one can improve and alleviate medical and psychological conditions. With mindfulness there is an increase in connectivity in the brain that has to do with attention, visual and auditory processing.  With consistency the density of the brain will cause increases in areas that control memory, attentiveness, and empathy while decreasing in areas that control anxiety and nervous tension. This kind of alteration can trigger a “relaxation response” that can turn sets of genes on and off. Those genes regulate how the body reacts to stress, inflammation, and even cell death. If you’re someone who needs additional information and coaching through dilemmas that are weighing on your mind and need a way to regroup yourself to find solutions check out the social media links to Wellness Coach Kristin Rayl and send her a direct message. From my understanding of her since I have corresponded with her is that she will respond back to you and she would love nothing more than to help you improve yourself. As always peace and keep it real.

Kristin Rayl – Wellness Coach Social media links:

Instragram – @kristinrayl



woman facing waterfall doing yoga
Photo credit – Ian Espinosa

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