A Solo Delight

“This is one of the big issues that Awakened People are encountering. They are always studying, learning about the secrets of the universe and about other dimensions and different entities, but they always seem to neglect the relationship they have with themselves


🌀 I believe the issue stands with the fact that we get so caught in the negativity we are seeing around us and so we forget about taking care of our health and slowly our internal conflict begins to take a hold on us” – the.awakenindigos, on Instagram

How and in what ways do you think we can improve our relationships with ourselves and mind so we can reciprocate that energy to our friends and family?

My answer: Everything we care about we do with consistency and diligence and it all begins with us, because whether positive or negative those outcomes affect our mental state and it can trickle down and affect others in our lives. In addition, I think this all cannot happen without motivation for you to want to achieve optimal outcomes not only for yourself but others in your life. Furthermore, you can put your friends/family on endeavors that you’ve found success in and share it with them and ask them feedback on how it worked out for them and ways for them to improve on it. Like the proverb, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”, you can be interested in doing something I might tell you but it’s up to you to want to do it. Look at every time you have yourself as a solo delight and not a burden on your consciousness. That is all to say that you’ll be doing something productive that will bring you fulfillment because if stagnation happens that’s when you start to question and doubt yourself and internal conflicts will arise which are full of negativity and we don’t want that for ourselves nor the people in our lives that will be affected.


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