If it fits you, wear it

People like this get bent, let them! They love drama and the opportunity to turn things around. Possibly they more than likely have a guilty conscience or they think you’re deliberately calling you out, so be it.

Let them think it’s there for them to see. Some people never learn a lesson until it’s put in front of them, and they don’t like and instantly become defensive to protect their own ego and self esteem.

You don’t need people like that in your life anyhow. So if they accuse you of posting a meme that relates to them, just tell ‘em “If the shoe fits, wear it Cinderella” and be done.

People like this will never grow and will always look for the opportunity to start drama. Move past it and let them go. – Unknown

One thought on “If it fits you, wear it

  1. Truth as a way of cutting… so cut clean… make sure your words are sharp… dull words tear, and thus increase the pain, thereby forcing the healing process to take longer… then when all is said, and done, sleep with a guilt free conscience…

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