Alive in the Arctic: Dinosaurs of the High Arctic

After reading this small summary on this topic, check out my poem below.

Baby bones are rare in most places, even those that produce lots of dinosaur egg fossils like the southern regions of Canada, Mongolia and the U.S.A.,” says University of Calgary paleontologist Darla Zelenitsky.

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Did you know that Dinosaurs used to roam and nest in the High Arctic? Well, they did and tiny fossils were discovered suggesting that the reptiles stayed there year long without migrating. Paleontologists have slowly gathered young dinosaur bones and not just one species, but many. Moreover, finding these bones from young dinosaurs is a reason for Paleontologists to be elated because those bones are rare. The reason is, young baby Dinosaur bones were rarely preserved due to their size and susceptibility to being victims to carnivorous predators.  University of Alaska paleontologist Pat Druckenmiller and his colleagues found the fragile remains of baby hadrosaurs, horned dinosaurs, raptors, and tyrannosaurs. “The discovery of these tiny bones and teeth was no small accomplishment,” Druckenmiller says. Whenever we see depictions of Dinosaurs in the media it usually shows them living in a stone age that was desolate or verdant, but never ones that lived in cold climates. In regards to that, Polar Dinosaurs acclimated to the harsh environment and didn’t find the need to migrate to a warmer region or hibernate. In closing, for more information on this topic please check out the link for this article below.

Frigid plains of the Arctic, 

Where Dinosaurs roamed and ruled, 

Exploring with vigilance, 

‘Cause predators were not far 

Massive and proud with their spiked tails, 

Strong and agile they moved through the ice caps, 

They were the lords of the cold north, 

Forever remembered by their legacy,

Snow blanketed the land, 

A pure white coating across the ground, 

A powerful pack of prehistoric giants, 

Each one a force to be reckoned with, profound

How does this sound? 

These days baby Dino bones can still be found in the ground 

Tales still whisper in the wind, 

Of great creatures that once lived 

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