Majestic Muse (Collaboration)

  • This is a collaborative poem I wrote with my homie Patrick @mycreativepatience
  • This is the first posted collaboration of a few we have in the works
  • I wrote the 2nd verse
  • @mycreativepatience ft. Real – Free Flowing Words (RhymeRula)

Verse 1: Patrick, @mycreativepatience
Her remembrance is evidence not just simply by her sheer elegance,
An angel heaven sent rendering me speechless,
As her sunset erosion creates the explosion for my defense,
Nothing pretense will past tense as she preaches,
Carefully listening not just with my ears but within my heart as it reaches,
The soul, leaving my body out of place and without the ability to gain control,
Her therapy is the recipe delivering “food for the soul”
the nourishment to guide me while I practice what it teaches

Verse2: RhymeRula, @Real Free – Flowing Words
Consuming her fumes and savoring her words as it digests into something majestic
I remember the times when
Her presence was a safe haven bundling up my languished soul from the peril of a winter storm
The least I could do was spring her back to balance if she may fall.
On some days her heavenly tears pour down with immense intensity
Unfazed as I cup my hands to purify my past sinful actions
Sensing the powers of her tears quench my thirst
rejuvenating me as I stare up at a scorching sunrise
Majestic like a ruby stone her brave soul fights against daily adversity so I can’t leave her alone
Bridging the gap so she can meet me halfway if ever lost
Writers block dormant as I keep my eyes open seeing my everyday muse floating towards me

majestic muse pic.jpeg




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