An invaluable composition

The spring afternoon warm wind flowed into my open window projecting a dry palatable aroma, border lining sour if swallowed whole. Doing my best to preoccupy my mind deep within enriched chapters awaiting for the next one to begin. As I began to walk towards the window, I stared intently at the trees that helped guide the warm air into my nostrils. Manifesting into a heaviness that momentarily turned into a crisp floral freshness, the genesis of an olfactory evolution. Waiting for the sunset to spill past the earth to present me nightfall, where the air adjusts to the brisk darkness of the sky but still retains its freshness. Appreciating an invaluable composition that can be easily altered for the worse, but when unaffected it continues to ensue freshness to the lives of billions.


  • After this post, I’ll be 3 posts away from reaching a milestone (200 posts). Thinking of doing something special for that post so be on the lookout for that. PEACE

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