Living for better days (Wednesday Wisdom + Commentrary)

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We’re living through peculiar times due to this COVID19 Pandemic and we’re unsure if and when we’ll return to living our everyday lives without any hassles. With that said, once the pandemic hit we were in lockdown and people had everything they were working towards become halted and for some stagnated, but one of the serious issues that arose from the lockdown were increases in domestic violence, suicides, depression and so forth. And this can happen again in vast amounts if certain states mandate another lockdown to quarantine. I remember seeing a video of a white woman on camera talking to who I assumed to be her friend give hand signal as a warning sign and cry for help because she was being abused. Her friend after seeing that hand signal was well aware of the situation she was going through and her facial expression signified that. She went from a half-smile due to being excited to seeing her friend to a worried looked. I’ll post the video at the bottom of this post so you can see it in action, and from my understanding, this is a PSA and I don’t know if the woman is in distress is a paid actress or an actual victim of domestic violence but the message the video is sending is imperative nonetheless.

Life always comes with different shades; it is not always blissful and beautiful. Even before the pandemic, we’ve always had to endure challenges in our daily lives and they never stop coming, the only changes are its new difficulties; they are made be overcome and make us stronger and wiser. The year isn’t even over and we’ve had to endure many challenges, more than any we had to in the past decade and some have found living with melancholia has diminished their motivation to see better days and it’s unfortunate they reached their breaking point and the outcome ended with their lives being taken by themselves. This year has been a major setback and some have deemed it a failure, but failure shows us many different ways of trying out things. In other words, it lets us think about the unimaginable and makes us work out of our comfort zones to make a difference. We’re always closer to success than we believe we are, and a little step can do wonders if you remain persistent.

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