Actively Listening

It’s more beneficial to be attentive, receive, and comprehend what’s is being said to you so your response will be more valuable, and will resonate with the person you’re conversing with. One aspect of communication I’ve learned in management class in college is active listening which is a way of learning through conversation. This requires comprehension of the message beyond the words and understanding the nonverbal communicator the speaker is displaying. Furthermore, learning to listen in communication unleashes a flow and creative energy that builds rapport and enables productive collaboration, and this is what strengthens a relationship. As the saying goes it’s easier said than done, but let me ask you this… How effective are you with your communication with your peers? Is the conversation smooth where both parties are attentive and respecting each other speaking time and not interrupting? Or is it discombobulated with over talking and interruptions? The former is what as I mentioned before, a smooth natural flow that builds connection and respect for trust to finally be established for future interactions. None of us are 100% perfect with our communication but with practice and mindfulness, we can have effective communication with our peers. 

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