Evading the crossfire

I woke up this morning with a spade in my heart 

Seeing forgotten people lying, dying on desolate trains the last sip fermenting on their breath

I smile to both midnight blue stars 

And lights of electric yellow at the beginning of day

Barrels of brown sugar spilt on the kitchen floor 

A criminal lookin’ in an elevator seein’ nothin’ inside 

His moment to say Gimme the loot thwarted 

Fear running constantly in the overcrowded jungle called America 

Far away a bunch of imbeciles yell to a deep cave

A butcher stabbed, falling on piles of littered transgressions covering his back 

I know truths around me 

but I’m unsure where and how hard it can push to be accepted

Check your programs they’re monitorin’ your sanity

People are strange but I’ve befriended a strange few

Lost ones feel lighting strike when the chamber compresses

Killers firing off a bloody mess, the same old story confessed mental health has to be stressed they say

Cryin’ to live they’ve only done right 

But what they see in their final moments is all wrong

I’ve got empty pockets, a full mind, and there’s so much to treasure with each thought

New prisms for me eyesight to explore but have yet to solve 

The goal, keep the masses passive and in between each others crossfire 

Me? All I see is a world destroying itself everyday and I don’t wanna be a participant 

Person Wearing Mask Holding Colored Smoke Bomb

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