The bird that swallowed the worm

  • I came across this art and poem and it intrigued me to share it here. Enjoy. 
  • All work is credited to the artist @Nwankwo Levi
  • “Poetry has risen”

“They said you are the bird with

The greatest muscles, that you are the

Bravest amongst the cabin of Aves, that in your

Abode no one trades, even among preys no one saves, but in this strange cave you have trodden, where tales of stubborn worms were once told.

They said you are the bird with the sharpest beak, that you see the heart of the ocean

From the highest peak, that in the den of phylum no one speaks, even at the rise of your

Shadow everyone sneaks, but there is a tiny

Worm with the greatest technique, who has been undisputed week by week.

Before the sun goes down, the gods shall call, for in the wings of time, your plight shall sail, for you have eaten the sacrifices kept for the gods, you have known no boundaries through your might.

These tales I know shall abound, when the deers shall thirst for water, these myths shall dwell, even in the temple of the hungry ravens, for there is a tiny stubborn worm, who has defied the belly of the smartest bird.

“The bird that swallowed

the stubborn worm”  

@Nwankwo Levi

“Poetry has risen”

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