12 Jewels

  1. Once you obtain Knowledge (1), then you can go for your Freedom (2) (i.e. Frederick Douglas).ย 
  2. Freedom (3) must operate under Justice (4)(Rewards and Punishments)
  3. Equality (5) needs Justice (6) – Understanding and practicing equity helps address the imbalances in social systems.  
  4. Food (7) – Food for thought (intellect) and tangible food for nourishment
  5. Clothing (8) – A cloak of righteousness and the tangibles
  6. Shelter (9) – Physical shelter but a shelter that will protect you from negative energy in the atmosphere. 
  7. Love (10) – Whatโ€™s love without Peace? And vice versa (11).
  8. Happiness (12) – Total complete satisfaction with yourself 

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