New Blue Lines

Every time I take a look at you,
I envision a thousands words exploding within a columns of blue lines
An outlet for my ideas to shine once every detail is combined,
Sometimes I find it difficult to comprise what I have going on in my mind into words,
But I’ll always bestow them upon you,
You wait with anticipation after I open my portfolio,
As I lift my pen with much determination to begin giving you this art of storytelling,
Illustrating you with stories since last September,
Raw emotions begin to freeze your smooth surface
While the progression of every stanza reigns with scorching intensity that could turn Mr. Freeze into a puddle

In no order I created my greatest hits into an anthology
All finalized but you were always my first draft
You gave me a mental and physical exercise when I felt the pen in my hand,
My words always reach your corners so I had to stay true to my actions
when titling my potential chapbook, (Writing until I reach corners of the page),
I’m not usually the sentimental type
But letting you go soon is the only thing that will soon be right,                                              but I’ll still keep you around,
All your blue lines are pressed with ink that guides me onto a blog page,

So there will be new story lines on new blue lines within a bundle of new sheets
but with the same objective,
As the poet J Ivy once said, “I NEED TO WRITE”,
So I’m going to “sit my black narrow ass down and write”,
The moment will soon come when
I’ll have to start over and write new story lines on new blue lines

  • I thought of the idea to write about my notebook because even though I have a handful of pages left I look forward to creating and sharing more stories from the  new one on here. In addition, never take your ability to write for granted because some people are not fortunate enough mentality or physical to write. I’d like to quote J Ivy once more in his spoken word performance on Def Poetry Jam which you should check out if you have not. You can find episodes on YouTube. The ending is seriously thought provoking because ” Just yesterday it was illegal for me to write”.
  • Thanks for reading, peace and keep on writing!
  • Here is a link to his performance


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