Bursting the “crazy” bubble

Sad girl

Photo credit – it’s me neosiam,

She would inhale irrational fears that gripped tight and wouldn’t let go,                                Feeling the oxygen evade her lungs with every squeeze
As it suddenly sets off a panic attack galore,
An abused mindset that found no choice but to act defensive
When called crazy,
Battling valiantly daily to eliminate the individuals
That stigmatize her behavior and would tell her to act “normal”
Razor sharp scrutiny slices through her confidence,
The last vestige of her self esteem bleeding out
As she desperately searches for any kind of tourniquet to alleviate the pain,
Motionless amidst the ongoing ridicule that whispers for her to change,
These voices would call for her attention but she would always dial back her tone from a full blown outburst,
Consoled by midnight silence, as anguish tears soak her cheeks
slowly lulling her to a deep sleep

Eventually she had enough and found solace through chronicling her struggles,
Bursting stubborn “crazy” bubbles that filled her life with nothing but trouble,
Coming full circle as she found the resilience to relinquish the grip of “craziness“,
And with every burst of those bubbles I knew
She wasn’t suppose to be perfect,
Just beautiful the way she was and always will be,
Humility and vulnerability became alluring when she showed her true self to me,
Encouraging her to let this resolution to express yourself unapologetically be within you forever
As she finally bursts the remaining remnants of a turbulent past, transferring her adverse times into stanzas,
Composing poems as an outlet for her to release her dilemmas with no regret,
In the process cherishing her new found inner peace that’s still a work in progress


  • I became aware from one of my followers on Twitter that May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and that gave me the idea to write this piece. Even though, some of us can’t fully comprehend the excruciating pain most sufferers of numerous illnesses go through I felt this piece would shed some light onto it. I can recall numerous occasions where I felt anxiety or depressed, one of them being recent when multiple family members and a good college buddy past away all within a span of 3 years, but those instances built calluses in my brain so to speak to find a way to push through the pain and move forward. If you don’t know where to begin, surround yourself with the people you care about the most and use (family members, friends, etc…) as a stepping stone to heal your mind with their positive energy. Lastly, ever person copes with adversity differently so if the above solution does not bring enough closure, then go see if you can seek some professional counseling. Some people find it difficult to move forward to seek help because they feed into the stigma of people with mental illnesses are deemed “crazy”, which discourages them to find a resolution. All in all if you are that someone or know someone with a mental illness, be around them whenever they need your company and lift their spirits because one day it could be you on the opposite end wondering where has the people in my life I care about went? That’s all I want to say, Peace and Love  – RhymeRula




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