D.T.R.C. (Death to robocalls)

  • I was reading the newspaper yesterday (Metro Boston) and came across a piece that spoke about the excessive amount of robocalls that have been made in recent years. The piece spoke about the ways to find a way to eliminate them if possible. The Massachusetts House gave it’s approval to put a ban on robocalls, but that’s easier said than done. With the millions turned to billions of calls that are being made, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) will do their best to crack down on the amount of robocalls being made daily. As of 2017 30.5 Billion calls were made surpassing the previous year of 29.3 Billion in 2016. You’re probably thinking, just don’t answer an unknown number! Okay I understand that, but I’ve had a few occasions where I didn’t answer a number I didn’t know, and that number had to do something with a job opportunity or such. This bummed me out having to explain the reason for not answer those calls.  Anyways, this piece I wrote is about my perspective and experience with my curiosity and frustration of robocalls. PEACE


I answer to the unknown out of curiosity,

But every time I answer your calls I’m consumed by spiraling animosity,

I’m not gullible to fall for your disguises,

Expecting me to believe the novelty of every number,

However, I take notice with every contact,

No Caller I.D. is all I see, but like I said the curiosity is enticing,

Analyzing if any importance will come out as you begin to become more pervasive,

Like a pest that doesn’t know the meaning of rest

but only understands its inevitable death,

The blockage works to no avail so you come around and find new numbers trails,

Every number your new hole to scurry into,

Fleeing to the next one because you were void of a chance to scam,

Saying hello from a far away land as you reach millions daily,

Nonhuman as ever,

Your monotone voice I perceive as computerized noise,

An immortality caused by an abundance of numbers

Unsure if a ban will one day come to fruition to cause the death to robocalls (D.T.R.C),

All I can hope for is to end the annoyance of a dialing recurrence







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