Encounters (Wednesday wisdom)

  • If you offer people freedom of thought, you will be given the same privilege. If you don’t question others, you can avoid sharing personal secrets. Keep in mind that not everyone you encounter in your life will have the decency to correct you when you’re making a mistake. They’ll continue to watch you struggle only to blame you for not doing the right thing. In conclusion, plan and show each other the correct ways to get things accomplished or falter together into a cycle that’s filled with agitation.
  • Publication 194 of 200, the countdown to my 200th post is nearing and I’m making a surprise piece for my 200 publication.




7 thoughts on “Encounters (Wednesday wisdom)

  1. I appreciate your honesty and clarity here. I know you live by this. Your expression that how I gain viewership to my site really struck a cord. I appreciated your truth,but at the same time my journey is much different. I need the eye balls no matter how organic my approach is. It’s a big net I’m casting. Hopefully to catch some fish in the process. Stay motivate.

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    1. Absolutely, I reach out to the poets and all around writers on this platform. I use my interview series as a springboard to introduce them to new readers and followers. I’m thinking of venturing into doing one for all bloggers not just writers. Expanision is the gateway for growth in my opinion. You can possibly be a guest so you can expose your work to my followers and it’ll be a chain reaction. Think on that… PEACE


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