All I could think to myself that afternoon was…

I’ve had too many game overs!

It was a familiar feeling that I’ve felt for the last few years,

but to me the mission in most cases was simple,

If I was determined that is,

Attentive to my wingman’s instructions as the introductions were established,

Focusing my attention to the objective,

Momentum was simultaneously alive but dying with every word I uttered,

Briefly shifting my focus upon a fly buzzing at the street light,

Oblivious to its impending circuited death,

An hour past midnight blue,

Her flirting smile was all I could see and hear amidst a crowded sidewalk that stood in front of a bar,

Her candescent aura was the bait

Killing my expected desires instantly,

I felt as dead as that fly I saw that spring night,

I’ve realized numbers are futile when the other end remains completely silent

Oh well… here’s to more attempts to try again









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