Try and stop me

  • This is one of the poems from my 3rd upcoming Chapbook. Even though this is written in first person this is an unnamed narrator I created after looking at an photo. The “I” in this piece is not me, but it can apply to me and many others.

They say all good things must come to an end

but your smile begins and continues to burn my heart

Even though I’m tormented by my transgressions

I still believe my good deeds will guide me to the pearly white heavens

The big man will read my fuck ups as his angels hear my case

All I hope is this halo jury might show me mercy

because they damn sure haven’t when storm clouds would never let me rest my demons

Try and stop me I shout after every objection

I repent, asking for a new path towards redemption

I used to be in forever darkness

Now I’m forever in your stare

Forever in your voice

Sunbeams sear through my shut eyelids

Rising with both hands clasp, weeping that my pending path to redemption

was granted

I tell him I’m all your feelings even if I started out as a rough draft in your image

Progression comes slow but rewarding nonetheless

Try and stop me is my motto

for all doubters who think I won’t make it

Photo credit – Sean Morgan Photography @Provocateurphoto on Instagram

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