The Power of Podcasts | Online Marketing Tools

Podcasts have quickly gained popularity in the last few years and this type of platform for content is listened to daily. One of the big reasons for this has been the accessibility of mobile devices because consumers are shifting from constantly being on desktops to now always being on their mobile devices.

This allows podcasts to become prevalent since there is a constant promotion to consumers’ favorite websites and applications that have marketing influencers explaining a new podcast they have listened to or are going to be a part of which will cause their followers to tune in.

As people are more reliant on mobile devices it has become easier to access, download, listen and share their favorite podcasts whenever and wherever. Furthermore, listeners can even create their podcasts with the right high-quality equipment and upload it on a hosting site and apps for consumer consumption.

How Podcast has changed the marketing landscape


The primary focus when it comes to marketing is content. The famous verbiage “Content is king” is used around the marketing field and even though the phrase is cliche it holds a lot of truth. To clarify, in order to produce quality content with high demand businesses need a marketing strategy and resources to deliver messages and the traditional method for these are blogs.

However, podcasts are changing this due to the personalities behind them that listeners find trust in and consistency from and this will cause them to become repeat listeners. Moreover, businesses can use podcasts as platforms for relevant high-quality content to be released and this eliminates the multiple-step efforts it takes to formulate a blog piece due to it being all writing.

Podcasts inspire conversations between listeners and even the podcast creators. This will create a community for suggestions on topics to discuss if it’s a podcast with guests who to have on there and podcast creators can even engage the listeners’ interest by encouraging them to call in.

Adding a customer relationship management competent to podcasting will only benefit it to thrive. On the other hand, blogs are effective as this medium of communication is thought-provoking whereby visitors can comment on posts and have conversations in discussion boards and such.

Both mediums are effective but the most interactive of the two would go more towards podcasting.

How to use a marketing strategy for podcasts

mohammad-metri-1oKxSKSOowE-unsplash (1).jpg

Investing in quality equipment: With everyday advancements and improvements in technology obtaining quality, the equipment has become more affordable for new podcast content creators and should be utilized for optimal results. This investment would allow for high-quality audio, reliability and efficient episodes for consistent downloads listens and sharing on social media.

Consistently create relevant and informative content: Consumers are more likely to engage with content that is worthwhile such as podcasts that provides episodes that are educational and entertaining, but when all said and done everything created needs to pertain to the business and brand image.

Host podcasts on a relevant platform: Podcasts need a home for consumers to find and download, but podcast content creators need to find a host platform that right for their industry and niche. It doesn’t matter if you have the hottest business podcast or whatever the case may be if your audience can’t listen on a different platform or worse can’t find the podcast.


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A traditional way of streaming becomes a new generation business trend after years of its era.

Podcasting has made a prominent effect on listeners since its creation and its ways of expanding to cater to different fields as business, entertainment, true crime, sports and more have shown it has more to accomplish.

Ever since entering the world of business podcasts have became a popular marketing strategy and will be for the foreseeable future. When the steps to create a podcast and commitment are executed well then the podcasting experience will be fun as the content can be broadcasted to the intended target expeditiously.

Is starting a podcast right now the best move for companies to evolve a target audience?

The answer to that is year. If you’re a business or market influencer building your brand is the goal even if the brand is well established. Podcasts can expand the business/brands reach to consumers who want to get their entertainment and education through mediums other than TV or the internet.

Leave a like and comment which podcasts are your favorites to listen to and follow my page to stay up to date with my future posts. As always peace and keep it real.

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