Stay deep

I can hear simpletons argue at the surface level

They’ve become accustomed to systematic deception and corruption

I can’t turn back it’s now or never 

As I sink back into my childhood fears 

Fears of becoming a victim to the depths I’ve tried my best to overcome 

But it’s comfortable down here where clarity is the currency 

And confusion and inaccuracies are voided with no exceptions

Truth be told, down here everything is revealed

No need to down absolute proof to show everyone evidence on how you truly feel 

It all comes out inevitably

Some become angry 

Some are frightened

Some say I’ve lost control of myself

And some will disregard my messages 

Just for them to get the last word in 

But like I said I like it down here my fears were once my weakness

But every time I sink deeper I gain the strength to take control of my emotions 

By now the surface noise is all muffled 

Evading nonsense as I stay deep in solace 

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