What has been your contribution?

  • Thank you for contributing your attention to this post.

Reading this quote sounds straight forward right? Well, it is, but I want to add more to it. To me, it is sort of underdeveloped and doesn’t include examples of how people can contribute and ways their contributions can either work for the better or in some instances be detrimental. In regards to this, we make contributions to the people we interact with even we are aware of it at the moment or not. For example, creating content on this site is a contribution to the internet for visitors and viewers to be attracted to, engage, and be delighted with so they can become returning visitors and loyal viewers and followers. Furthermore, making donations, paying it forward, brightening someone’s day with kind words and many more positive contributions will uplift your spirits and the people you encounter. On the other hand, there are people who make negative contributions and this is evident online with comment sections on videos, streams, spreading rumors, and negativity just for attention that inevitably becomes contentious. Lastly, I think we don’t cheat the world of our contributions because we make contributions every day, we merely give it in different ways depending on our intentions.

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