Mr. Malcontent

Torn to pieces deceased friends can never read my thesis 

A half full glass on the table 

A silver warm tear shed 

The rest saved for tomorrow 

Nothin’ is left unwritten 

I kept a paper trail so it ain’t no mystery 

Got the confidence of nerds in an exam room 

And the vulnerability of a new life entering this cruel world

Malcontent on overload 

A Trojan horse got enough to hold onto for a motherboard annihilation  

When rest came my vexed vein was less strained 

I can’t complain melatonin has a hold of my brain 

On that note good night and will these dreams come fast enough? 

And become vivid once again?

Silhouette of Man Standing Near Wall

3 thoughts on “Mr. Malcontent

  1. Your use of metaphors creates a very clear and emotional picture! My favorite line is “Got the confidence of nerds in an exam room” it paints a great picture but at the same time it’s ironic because I remember how when I was back in school all the nerds would be the ones most worried before and after the exam (while the kids who didn’t study coughcoughmecoughcough were the ones who were calm because YOLO 😅)

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