better timing

“Time waits for no one. We wake up, go to work, and get on with our lives thinking we have enough time to do that “important task” until the deadline slaps us hard. Otherwise, we push it too far. Even we submerge ourselves in aimless activities, completely forgetting about that, thinking “I can do that later”, or “there’s enough time for that” or simply forgetting it completely. But no, there isn’t enough time. You can’t get back the time you wasted. It’s gone forever! It seems so simple but if we don’t organize our lives, we will be lost in the haze of a bottomless pit of nothingness until one day we will realize, where have all the time gone? Stop, procrastinating right now with these easier tactics & guides we’ve set for you. Read this week’s newsletter to get a fresh perspective on how to own your life by not losing time.” – The Minds Journal

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