The choice is yours (Make the most of it)

Quality is subjective, not everyone is going to appreciate the value you present to them. Don’t allow anyone to determine your worthiness to them, because the only person you should be worthy to is yourself. Accept rejection as a way for growth and a lesson to keeping grinding without hesitation. Disappointments are temporary, while your accomplishments will be immortalized in your memory even when our memories may fade away when we grow older. So cherish every one of them that has the opportunity to be presented to you. If you’re in a situation where doubt starts to consume your mind, know that you started your endeavors without the approval of anyone but yourself.
All in all give shout outs to the ones who tried to deter you from progressing or the ones that give you the “unfortunately” speech that most people dread. Once I accomplish my objectives or have the honor of being recognized for my grind, I’ll be more than happy to say, lets celebrate together because no matter the weather I’m going to continue grinding and do my best to cerebrate new ideas. At the end of the day, will you allow your struggles to subjugate you as a victim with limited recourse to find a solution or become a master that dominates those struggles with ways to relinquish its hold on you from progressing forward? As the hip hop group Black Sheep once said, THE CHOICE IS YOURS, so make the most of it.

Sunset sea

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