Her aesthetics exudes poetry prowess,

Remaining confident on her days off,

Simply a rejuvenation for another illustration,

I felt I was merely a struggling writer that was confined,

Needing to be released from my cell of a mental blockage,

My creativity sometimes feels malnourished,

Void of hydration even though I’m drowning in a sea of rhythmic stanzas

That needs to be arranged and rearranged,

My eyes see resentment for her way with words,

but my heart feels admiration for her vivid brilliance,

Observing her tantalizing stanzas that turn erotic,

My thoughts slow down and process in astonishment ,

Memories become scarce for me to put Β ideas down on pages,

Restlessly chasing faint dreams in a faraway place,

But they’re triggered on certain occasions,

24 hours to a day,

and even if time isn’t on my side

Due to different tasks that need to be accomplished,

My mind continuously drifts back to writing,

Needing to sacrifice my need for perfection, AND JUST WRITE WHATEVER,

That’s the way it has to be from now on,

But that’s easier said than done,

Both our attributes are specific to us,

but our writings still needs get done,

Amazed as she continues to birth beautiful ideas,

The process is nurtured as it reaches its stages of clarity

Through every edit

And that’s what writing is meant to be,

For all of us…


woman face birth baby.jpg

Photo credit – Comfreak






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